The Significant Advantages to get by selling the house to Cash Home Buyer

Many times, a person has to sell the house quickly but has limited options at his disposal. The traditional way is to contact and employ the services of a real estate agent or realtor, but it can take 5 to 6 months before any sale offer comes through.

The Reasons to Sell the House

There are many instances that a person may not have time to wait for 6 to 7 months to sell the house but wants to sell the house as quickly as possible. Some of the common reasons include

  • Job relocation
  • Divorce or marital separation
  • Lack of space for a growing family
  • The property was inherited
  • There is significant debt to pay, and there are few options of instant cash
  • The house needs complete repair and upgrades

The best solution a person has is to contact cash home buyer Jacksonville FL who readily buys a house for cash and closes the sale as quickly as 7 days instead of 7 months. In recent years, the trend of taking help from cash home buyers has increased across the country as most people are finding it more beneficial than the conventional means of selling the house.

The Advantages to sell the house to Cash Home Buyers

The biggest advantage is that the cash home buyer Jacksonville FL buys the house as it is, which means a person does not have to spend money on all the repairs and renovation to make the house presentable before the sale. Think about all the money you will save and put to other pertinent use instead of doing the renovation and upgrade on a house that you have to sell eventually.

Another major reason to take help from cash home buyers is not paying the closing costs and the commission fees. One of the main factors of selling the house traditionally is paying the closing cost, which is usually 3% of the selling price of the house. You can save $30,000 by not paying the closing costs.

If you employ a realtor, then you have to pay him another 3% to 5% of the sale of the house as commission fees. So by selling the house to cash home buyers, you get to save another $30,000 to $50,000, which is substantial money if you plan to relocate or settle down in another house.

The cash home buyer visits your house the same day you call them. The condition of the house is evaluated, and an offer is given, which you can accept or reject. But the offer is close to the estimate of the house, and most people seem to accept it as they are only looking to sell the house in the first place and not mind if it is sold below the market price.