The Significance of Web Development for Start-ups in UAE

The web development industry has evolved incredibly in the last few years. It was not the same until a decade ago, and we just knew that website was a big thing. The current exposure to the web development industry has brought web development to our fingertips. Every business is aiming to be digitalized as websites grant an undeniable advantage to reach a wider audience from your small screen.

We never thought it would be this easier to generate leads and make money online, but here it is! The world has transformed from old-school marketing to digital marketing, and to make the most out of it, a digital presence is all you need.

Web Development Industry in UAE

With North America, Europe, and India leading the industry in the last decade, the web development industry has witnessed an undeniable spike globally. The industry is further expected to rise by 23% from 2021-2023. Currently, the industry occupies 15 percent of the job market. UAE has also witnessed significant business in the market with many new start-ups in the field. UAE is already home to a few big web development companies, but despite that, many start-ups are making their way into the market.

Post covid, the world has learned to live on online shopping because of convenience. No one has time to stand for hours in a row to avail of a discount. Living in such a time, web development is need of time. No matter what type of business you’re running at the moment, everything is digitalized, from grocery stores to designer shops and even educational institutes.

Significance of Web Development Start-ups in UAE

UAE is the hub of business and the biggest investment in the world. Foreseeing the previous expansion and growth patterns, UAE bears a diversifying economy that is now intended to transform into a knowledge economy. Believing that innovation is the future of investment in UAE Vision 2021, UAE looks forward to working on innovation, research, science, and technology to form the pillars of a knowledge-based and competitive economy. This gives the web development industry an open ground to establish a full-fledged business in UAE. Recently, many web development companies have embarked on their businesses in UAE.

Contrary to the myths, UAE supports start-ups and small-and-medium enterprises based on a thought-out approach. Start-ups and SMEs are key to the UAE’s plans to build a competitive economy, attract foreign direct investments (FDI), and become a preferred destination for business. Like social media automation tools helps these small and medium enterprises to show up on social media platforms consistently, UAE can be considered as a platform for them to get required help to grow in the early stages.

Among the many benefits of doing business in the UAE, the following are some of the most favorable reasons why it is a good place to run a start-up:

 UAE offers a zero-tax regime to all corporate structures. This means if you open a start-up in UAE, you will have to pay no corporate income tax as well as no personal income tax.

 UAE has a strong backbone of wealth. Opening a start-up in the world’s financial hub will attract many corporate and foreign Investors to your business if you have a sort-out business approach.

 UAE allows you to run a business without physical appearance. This means you can simply register your business and run it online, which is an added benefit for start-ups.

The diverse economy hails talented resources from all around the world in search of good salaries. If you are looking for great talent, UAE will never disappoint you with its diverse economy.

Many countries impose international business laws which hold foreign businesses accountable for reserving a significant part of the capital in the host country. UAE imposes no such law on foreign business owners. All types of businesses in Dubai mainland can Repatriate their full Profit and capital. As far as the companies in Freezone are concerned, it varies from industry to business. However, if the business is based on a foreign and local partnership, the foreign direct investment law allows a 49% share granted to the foreign investor, whereas the rest 51% goes to the local partner.

Specifically, talking about a web development start-up in UAE is indeed a great idea because of the number of businesses running in this hub. UAE is a business hub that gives companies a competitive advantage to meet their clients in person and improve their credibility. The web development industry has a very thriving future in UAE for the fact because it can attract many local clients, which is an added benefit to the company’s credibility. Web development, website design & logo design services are mostly availed online, and there is a high chance of scams. Starting a web development start-up in UAE will help you set up a physical meeting with your clients, which will help you ensure trust and credibility.


If you are looking to build a web development start-up in UAE, this is the right time to do it. UAE is currently the most thriving destination to establish a business for a number of benefits as well as a wealthy economy.