The Significance of Online PayPal Fee Calculator

Today, the world has become borderless. As the gig economy continues to grow, constituting over 35% of the US workforce (US Bureau of Labor report, 2017), the need for an international payment system has also evolved drastically. 

Most entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors prefer PayPal to receive their international payment safely into their bank accounts converted into their native legal currencies. It makes PayPal one of the top payment apps for them. At present, PayPal has an active monthly user base of around 360-million users. 

Starting from the ease of use, online safety and security, and smooth processing of the payment, PayPal is automatically the first choice among people who make or receive international payments. But the problem arises when we wish to know how much fee PayPal will deduct as its charges. 

PayPal deducts its charges based on the actual invoice amount. So it’s always better to use a PayPal fee calculator before quoting your final rate to your clients. Using an online fee calculator, you can easily get to know how much money you will actually receive from your clients and how much money will be deducted from the same as PayPal charges. 

PayPal always deducts its charges from the actual amount from the beneficiary’s account. So, calculate your total invoice amount, keeping in mind the PayPal charges; otherwise, you may end up paying the PayPal fees and getting lower payments than one that you have specified for your products or services. 

Using an online fee calculator, you can easily differentiate between a gross payment that you will receive as well as net proceeds from the same after deducting PayPal charges and taxes (if any).  

How to Calculate Your PayPal Charges Online

  • Log on to Online Fee Calculator
  • Enter the actual product/ service fees on the ‘amount box.’
  • Now click the calculate fees button
  • Soon the PayPal charges will also appear on your screen.
  • You can now add the actual invoice amount + PayPal charges and charge the same from your clients. 
  • If you want to know PayPal fees about other transactions, just click the reset button and start afresh. 

This is a standard tool to calculate your PayPal fees for any amount online. Based on that estimate, you can now charge your fees accordingly for international transactions. 

The Benefits of Using PayPal Online Calculator

Flawless Calculation: Manual calculation may not give you correct values. Moreover, no one can track of all transactions and count their fees. A specified PayPal calculator comes with an easy user interface through which you can calculate a lot of transactions and their respective fees.  

Easily Accessible: You can use the tool from anywhere in the world. Log on to the site from a browser to get started. 

Standard Charges: You need not enter anything apart from your invoice amount. The calculator will automatically reflect PayPal’s standard charges as fees as applicable as per the latest terms and conditions. 

Instant calculation: No fuss or confusion anymore. You need a few minutes to calculate your PayPal charges. It reflects the amount that you should charge from your clients inclusive of all PayPal fees as applicable.


PayPal fee calculator is an online tool, which helps the beneficiary to know that how much total money they should charge from their clients, inclusive of PayPal fees and other standard charges. It is a reliable tool and can be integrated into your PC or laptop to easily get access to it from any browser to calculate your PayPal fees for each transaction.  

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