The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

We all know that Christ will come back; however, we are not sure about the time. The disciples asked Jesus Christ when he will come back. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the expected reply. Jesus told them that it wasn’t their concern and only the Father knows about the time of his coming back.

Now, every person prefers to know the second coming of Christ. There are many illustrated proofs stating the interpretation of the second seal where it is said that after the end of the Roman Empire civil war, Jesus Christ will appear to bring peace required for the prosperity of humanity.

More about Christ’s second coming –

  • Some disciples of Jesus Christ say that he is giving time for his followers to adopt the path of truth and save humanity before his reappearance. He wants them to repent for their wrong deeds before following him to live in heaven. This is because Lord never wants his believers to suffer. Thus, Jesus Christ wants all his people to understand the wrongdoings and follow good deeds to gain an abode in heaven.
  • Many theories state that everyone can’t see Christ’s second comings. There is an assumption that only a selected few can see him, and some feel that he will live in a place where no one can reach him, like a vast desert. People are even afraid of deception and thus feel they need to be aware of fakers who resemble Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Bible has answers for predicting the right time of Christ’s second coming on the Earth.
  • Some believe that he won’t come secretly or hide in the desert. His arrival will be glorious, like enormous splendorous celebrations that will be known to all. Hence, there won’t be any person who isn’t aware of Jesus’s arrival on the planet. His return will illuminate the sky, and its brightness will indicate every person about his coming back to Earth.
  • Till his coming back, every Christians need to be doing intense prayers, be alert and safeguard themselves from doing anything wrong. They need to do good deeds to prove that they are worthy to stand before Jesus Christ.
  • There is a well-famous prediction that Jesus Christ will come back as he has gone back like disappearing in clouds. In the Bible, it is stated that the angles will reappear with Jesus Christ. People who have lived righteous life will reach heavenly abode after death. It is believed that the wicked will be destroyed and ashamed to face Jesus Christ.
  • The mortal bodies will become immortal bodies and attend salvation. The most prevailed theory is that Christ is coming back to take many people with him to heaven. The inhabitants of Earth who have done good deeds God blesses their whole life to enjoy heavenly bliss. For ages, millions of people are waiting for the second appearance of Jesus Christ on Earth. All these predictions and beliefs have been published by great marketing publishers of exciting books like Allenco Publishing, Inc. Every book of theirs is interesting to read and worthy of adding to your book collection.