The scope of e-learning platforms in the market and what people expect from it

It is a common misconception that the introduction of on-demand applications has shortened the gap between supply and demand. However, the reality is that it hasn’t reduced it anyway, but has given rise to a market that connects them effectively with an invisible bridge. It has revolutionized the modern world as it has found its way into every territory of our lives. Experts might have predicted this integration into major services such as transportation, food delivery, and courier services. But no one would that services like dog walking, babysitting, and online tutoring would get mobile applications as they are the most unexpected ones.

The transformation of teaching:

The concept of teaching has always remained the same for several years until technology started to make its way into the sector. The education sector was not immune or unshakable, rather it was looking for a way to improve its methods of teaching for the modern generation and to serve its purpose. With a dedicated mobile app for every entrepreneur will find it easy to connect teachers with students in their educational startup. These apps offer features for real-time interaction to discuss the student’s queries. Students will get access to a variety of study materials and need not have to go to the library for taking notes.

What is the scope of the e-learning market?

Several reports have indicated that e-learning is one of the fastest-growing on-demand services in the market. Experts have predicted that the industry will grow at a CAGR of 12% during the next three years. The numbers are expected to rise due to the onset of pandemic COVID-19. Several universities have started to offer long-distance education via e-learning apps. The recent boom in the user engagement on the e-learning platforms came out of nowhere. The total revenue of e-learning has exceeded $60 million in 2019. All these numbers are solid proof that the time is fruitful to start an e-learning business.

How do these apps work:

These apps are popularly known as “uber for tutors app” in the market because of the similarity in the business models. However, the intricacies and filtration process might be different from the Uber app. The skeletal concept is that the student can request a tutor online at a time of their choice for a subject in which require assistance. Education is the key that every millennial seek to learn new skills and to become an expert in a niche. If you are planning to get into this sector make sure that you include the following features in your app to increase your opportunities of being a successful venture in the market.

Features that modern consumers will expect on your app:

Easy login:

Users will not prefer a complicated registration process. Make sure that your users don’t feel any hassles while registering their account. The users should be able to register their account by entering their basic details like email ID or phone number. You can also choose to add social media plugins to your application so that the user can log in with their social media accounts.

Find a tutor:

An ‘in-ap search’ is a must-have option for your tutoring app like Uber as it will be helpful for users to find their ideal tutor irrespective of the subject. A systematic search approach will make the app more user friendly.

Review the tutor:

This is a step to increase transparency in the business. After the end of each session, the user will be asked to review and rate the tutor. These data will be made public and other users can learn more about the tutors before choosing them.

Solve user problems efficiently:

Users can clear their queries more effectively if a camera option is integrated with the application. They can easily click pictures and send them to the tutor to clear queries. This makes the app more user friendly as they get more control over the application.

Chat with tutors:

The live chat sessions and group video chat options will enhance the user experience technologically. Users can clear their simple doubts over chat sessions without having to wait for a video chat session.

Booking a tutor:

After going through the portfolio of the tutor, the user may book a session with the tutor with a few simple steps. The user will be prompted to enter some basic details related to the subject to give a quick idea for the tutor. The hourly rate for a particular session will be clearly mentioned in the module. An invoice will be sent to the user’s mail after booking a session with a tutor.

Bottom line:

Get in touch with a tutor app development company to learn about the development process and cost of the application. Integrating these features into the app will give a kickstart to your business.

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