The scope and lore of digital marketing

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Karachi? Cannot decide whether it is the right step for your business right now? Well, the following read will certainly change your mind and bring some clarity.

We are living amidst a digital revolution right now. Some of the biggest companies in the world who are dominating the stock market are all tech giants. Amazon, Ali Baba, Tesla, Facebook, and many more are literally changing the world such is their influence. All of the names I have mentioned above are related to the world of digital marketing in one way or the other. Facebook is the biggest social media platform; Ali baba and amazon are E-commerce giants. Digital Marketing is the present and it will only grow stronger in the future.

A little overview first:

Since the rise in consumerism and the rise in people’s ability to spend, the market became saturated and more and more products and services started to enter the market. Making a quality product or a service was now, not enough. Businesses now had to come up with other ways to stand out in the competition. In order to make the product desirable and preferable in the eyes of the consumer’s emphasis on marketing was now the need of the time.

Marketing is a practice that involves the promotion of a particular good or service with the goal of boosting sales. Marketing helps in making a product or service look desirable in the eyes of the customers through detailed research and analysis of the market that the product/service will belong to, different advertising techniques, and well-planned and implemented strategies. Organizations these days are dedicating a major chunk of their budget to their marketing needs.   

The rise of digital marketing:

Like everything else, the enigma of marketing has also evolved. With the introduction of the digital landscape, a new term known as digital marketing is slowly but surely rising through the ranks to become one of the best and most fruitful channels of marketing out there.

We all know how important the internet has become for our daily communications. Even most of our business operations are carried out over the internet. We can even buy our groceries or control the room temperature through our phones and over the internet. The rise of social media has also given a huge boost to this digital revolution.

Consumers these days spend most of their time on their phones. Today, almost 80% of the entire world population has access to the internet and more than half of them own a smartphone. Organizations too are realizing the power of the internet in reaching and getting a message across to their potential customers. Solidifying their online presence is now imperative for any organization if they are looking to progress in the coming days.

The following are few reasons why digital marketing is a much better option than other channels of marketing:

Effective target marketing:

Digital marketing can do miraculous things for any type of business, big or small. Marketing on social media platforms allows you to target a specific set of audiences. This allows specific ads to be shown only to those people who might be interested in them based on their recent searches, likes, and dislikes. For example, if you are searching for a digital marketing agency in Karachi, the algorithms will suggest a bunch of digital marketing agencies near you the next time you scroll over social media.

Extremely cost-effective:

Now we all know how expensive running your ad on a TV channel or on the radio actually is. The famous newspapers also charge a lot for their ad spaces, even billboards at good locations are very hard to find and do not come cheap. Digital marketing provides a much cheaper alternative that is much more effective as it allows us to effectively get our message across to our intended target audience. This is good for smaller businesses that are running on a tight budget.

Dedicated digital marketing agencies provide very affordable rates for their services. Even finding them is not that much of a headache as well, if you are living in Karachi all you have to do is write a digital marketing agency in Karachi on google, and a plethora of options with their ratings will be at your disposal.

Provides a level playing field:

While advertisements on TV and Radio may require a huge amount of production costs that may impact the final result and its effectiveness. Marketing on digital platforms provides smaller businesses a level playing field. By implementing efficient strategies, you can even outrank the bigger players that are ruling the market when catching up to them in the real world might have been difficult.

Easy to analyze and understand:

Unlike other mediums, you can study and analyze the impact and the result of your digital marketing strategy with more effectiveness. We all know that TV and Radio have a massive audience and it is very difficult to identify a specific target market. The complicated system of TRP does help but it is not a hundred percent accurate. Even newspapers are slowly losing their importance.

Digital marketing on the other hand provides a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your content and all aspects of your digital marketing strategy in real-time. These include everything, from the number of views, impressions, shares, clicks, and time spent on the page. This allows the organization to react quickly and make certain adjustments optimally.

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