The Scarlett Tales: Unexpected Entertainment

I was a boy of only sixteen and I was forced to attend a party organized by my mother’s closest friends. It was a boring party, which celebrated his tenth marriage to yet another rich man. The party was held in the house of the poor bastard who had married her. It was getting late at night, people got drunk, passed out or slipped away for some “adult time”. I was not entertained by the events going on at the party.

I decided to go and explore the big house. After all, I would have been a guest there for a week. I wandered from room to room, looking around and admiring the different paintings on the walls and the different view from each window.

I was at the end of the third floor corridor. I was admiring the lake view from the balcony. The moon was reflected on the lake, like in a mirror and the stars glittered in the ripples of the water. I stood there to admire the view.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard: “Do you like it like that, bitch? Maybe I should take it and put it in the ass, for disobeying me!” I was shocked and very curious. I thought he was probably someone watching an adult movie or something more outrageous. Nothing prepared me for what I found.

I turned and looked for the source of the sound, while another outburst echoed. “Does it hurt your ass, bitch? Maybe a good whip will teach you your place, slave ?!” I entered the corridor and noticed a door ajar. As I approached, another outburst echoed.

“I won’t crush you bitch of time, but as punishment for disobeying I will use your body to please me! You don’t have to come, bitch. Do you understand me?!” I peeked into the room and met a show that left me breathless. Kneeling on the floor was a woman not much older than me. She was stripped, tied and had a gag in her mouth.

She seemed so helpless and yet seemed excited by man’s actions. The man slapped her ass a few times and asked, “Are you ready to serve your master, slave ?!” The woman nodded and spread her legs. I looked away, not wanting to see what would happen next. I was not a virgin, but I could never afford to be treated that way.

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As if you were nothing more than sexual objects. “Do you like my hard cock in your pussy, bitch? Do you remember you don’t have to come?” said the man. I peeked again, out of curiosity.

Her eyes were closed and there was an expression of pleasure on her face. The man beat them in and out like a mad animal. He slapped her ass again. “You are a good fuck, bitch.

Your pussy is milking my hard cock. I’m going to fuck you stronger now slave! Take it and don’t cum! “She was moving stronger and stronger. The woman seemed to concentrate and try not to be overwhelmed by the wild act of the man on her. I looked at the man and to my surprise and dismay, she was looking at me.” I’m going to come to you, bitch! “Said the man and slapped the woman’s ass.

He looked at me. I thought he didn’t really see me there. After all, it was dark and the door was just open. But then she smiled and threw herself into the woman, her eyes never leaving mine. “Maybe she found out after I was a bitch!” the man said while looking at me.

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I was shocked. I thought he meant the woman, so I turned to leave. “Do you please me, bitch?” the man said as I ran down the stairs to join the party. I thought he would be gone after his rough joke. I joined the party and said goodbye to leaving the guests…