The Role of Furniture In Modern Office Designs & Business Character

It is true that a meticulously curated suite of furniture for an office plays an essential role towards reflecting the culture, values and goals of any given organisation. It is not just employees who are the face of a business; it is also the business premise itself. Among companies that are critical about how the business premise looks includes Google, Apple, Starbucks and many other major corporations where every piece of furniture acquired for the business premise is a defining feature of their business concept. Modern office designs that are equipped with the right type of furniture is not only about aesthetics it also revolves around increasing productivity and efficiency and as well as establishing an environment that advocates creative problem-solving approaches.

How office furniture improves the productivity levels of employees in general?

Furniture such as office desks, office cabinets, shelves and even office chairs do not only help organise workflow and eliminate clutter within workspaces, but they also play a big role in reducing fatigue and causing distractions especially if the furniture is ergonomically designed. Proper office furniture helps employees to be comfortable which in turn increases their level of focus and reduces the possibility of committing errors which have a direct impact on productivity. A beautifully designed office that places comfort and convenience as a top priority reduces stress levels and anxiety amongst employees which also has a positive and solid impact on employee performance.

How does office furniture enhance collaboration among employees?

Furniture is an essential element towards assisting teams to work together and communicate more effectively. For example, standing office desks placed in a strategic spot within the office will allow collaborative workflows to move along smoothly. Such furniture is also effective towards enhancing the level of creative brainstorming that teams are able to put together. Similarly, large meeting tables are crucial for department heads to come together and make more informed decisions. These days there are a number of office furniture stores in Melbourne that offer office tables with whiteboard surfaces which does not only enhance communication as notes can be jotted on the table itself and ideas sketched for all to see.

Office furniture and sustainability goals

There are numerous types of office furniture, and companies that are green have the option to choose furniture that comes complete with environmental credentials. Going green and reducing the company’s carbon footprint goes a long way in the business world and many companies are choosing furniture that are made from materials that are sustainable (e.g. bamboo and recycled fabrics).

Many organisations do not take furniture as seriously as they should and this leads to a less than optimal environment for employees and also does not do justice for the image of the company. In summary, the wrong type of office furniture has a direct and significant negative impact on the entire organisation which ripples through the company’s image, employee comfort, stress levels and workflow efficiency.  In contrast, the right type of furniture will have a positive impact on all of the above-mentioned factors.

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