The Role of Beauty Influencers in Beauty Marketing

Beauty Marketing

Beauty marketing is the need of the era. There are ample of beauty products available in the market that is generating record-breaking revenue. This is because consumer demand for various such products like skincare and hair care are on a constant rise. 

This growth is tremulously supported by social media marketing to raise brand awareness amidst tough competition between beauty brands. When it comes to social media marketing, the most popular strategy followed in recent years is social media influencers. Many people who used to surf the web for beauty products and people who used to use the products extensively in the earlier days are now the top beauty influencers who are exposing audiences to latest available skin and hair care products. 

Here we’ll get deeper into understanding who are beauty influencer, what do they do, and what role they play in beauty marketing. 

Who is a Beauty Influencer

A beauty influencer is an active user of the social media channels who showcases expertise in the field of beauty and makeup. The influencer is said to be a master of understanding the various skincare, hair care, and makeup products. With this understanding, the influencer is able to attract and engage audience based on his or her blogs, videos, advices, reviews, product recommendations, and other forms of social media content. He or she is also known to have a fan following on various social media channels like Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, and many other that act as a mere channel of marketing or promoting a brand.

Currently, there are many Instagram and You Tube beauty influencers, who are creating niche beauty categories in the landscape of social media marketing. They have also marked their presence on other channels as well. These influencers connect and collaborate with beauty brands to create campaigns in a way to create sponsored content and then advertise the same through different social media platforms. 

How to Collaborate with Beauty Influencers

With Instagram influencers and You Tube influencers dominating the market for beauty influencers, brands collaborate with them in view to accomplish different objectives. They together frame the campaign and come up with strategies measures to create content and formats to drive the required results in terms of audience engagement that in turn leads to sales conversion. 

Here are different ways that can help strengthen the collaboration between brands and influencers:

  • Complete Makeup Looks: Influencers deck themselves with a complete make up look and then based on that looks, they provide the listing of the beauty products they have used to their followers or subscribers. This look can be in form of images, video tutorials, or USP of specific products using the photo captions. 
  • Beauty Products Giveaways: Brands giving away beauty products to influencers as samples is one convenient and effective way to market products. A sponsored giveaway makes it easy for the influencer to create an inspiring content around the same and then use the same for marketing and promotion. 
  • Beauty Favorites: This is one way to display all the products that influencers like the most. Brands need to give this freedom to the beauty influencers with whom brands collaborate. This helps create strong product recommendations and personal reviews on products used to the engaged audience. 
  • Events: Both brands and influencers when connect together to create events then it becomes the most impressive way to raise brand awareness. Through these high-traffic events influencers get an opportunity to entice audience because all the followers and subscribers listen carefully and open-mindedly to them. 

How Consumers Trust in Influencer 

Brands often pay a hefty amount to influencers to market their products because consumer beholds trust in them. This is because influencers with their activities and impressions on social media have been able to create their dominance with the belief they are master of beauty products. Seeing them grow in terms of beauty outlook as they use several beauty products. Audiences have a strong belief that these social media beauty influencers have a strong understanding of the beauty products and they are well aware of which product is the best for what skin type. Consumers are actually giving very close attention to all the reviews and recommendations by influencers. This has eventually been able to develop the trust factor people have for influencers.

Now, considering the fact that advertising the product is the key requirement, influencers work strongly in the interest while taking along the trust consumers have in them. They often try to build a strong connection between brands and consumers. With this connection they try to being beauty products to life in the most effective and promising manner. Some of the top beauty influencers who have been able to win customers’ trust are Tati Westbrook, Nikkie de Jager, Jaclyn Hill, Laura Lee, Desi Perkins, James Charles, Huda Kattan, and Kylie Jenner.

Role of Influencers in Gen-Z Consumers

With a rising growth of beauty influencers, their role in Gen-Z market is indispensable. This is because the consumers are more inclined to social media platforms and are highly dependent on the same for all their purchases. The same goes true with beauty marketing. With many beauty influencers ruling the beauty market, the present generation consumers born and aligned in the digital world are easily influenced and inspired by the influencers. Hence, beauty influencers are considered to brand advocates who keep adding value to brands competing in the beauty market.