The Role of Attorneys in DUI Cases with Child Endangerment

The High Stakes of DUI Cases Involving Children

A New Mexico woman named Leticia Ashley has been put under supervision as she waits for her trial on serious charges. She stands accused of driving under the influence with a minor in the car, a grave offense that led to the death of a child. In such complex and emotionally charged cases, the role of attorneys is critical in ensuring that all legal avenues are explored for their clients.

The incident occurred in McKinley County, New Mexico, and is now under rigorous investigation by the FBI’s Gallup Agency and the Navajo Police Department. Assistant Attorney Kimberly N. Bell is responsible for prosecuting the case. When accused individuals face such grim allegations, New Mexico Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys can offer indispensable legal advice and representation to navigate the complexities of state and federal law.

If convicted, Ashley could serve up to eight years in prison. Her trial date has not been set, but the severe penalties underlie the gravity of her charges. Those finding themselves in a similar situation in Las Cruces should consult Las Cruces, New Mexico Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys, as these legal professionals have specialized expertise in defending DUI cases, especially those involving minors.

For those involved in DUI incidents, it’s essential to consult with Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys who can provide informed legal guidance. Understanding one’s rights and the intricacies of DUI laws can make a significant difference in the case’s outcome.


In any DUI case, particularly those that involve the endangerment of children, the value of skilled attorneys is immeasurable. Legal experts can help interpret the laws, represent the accused in court, and possibly negotiate reduced sentences or plea bargains. Given the severe penalties associated with such cases, legal advice is not just advisable—it’s crucial.