The Role of Attorneys in DUI Cases Involving Fatalities: A West Palm Beach Case Study

The Incident and Its Legal Consequences

In West Palm Beach, a devastating accident occurred that resulted in the arrest of 44-year-old Jason Ryan Karvois. Authorities have alleged that his blood-alcohol level was almost four times the legal limit during the incident, which sadly led to the death of Foad Makhmoor, a 61-year-old cyclist. Karvois is facing one count of DUI manslaughter and another for leaving the scene of a crash that caused death. Cases like this recent tragic event underline the crucial role Attorneys can play in both the defense and prosecution sides of DUI cases.

Legal Procedures and Bail

Karvois was arrested by West Palm Beach police on May 5, and during the subsequent hearing, Circuit Judge Luis Delgado set his bail at $100,000. He was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor upon his release, and as of May 8, he remained in custody. An attorney represented Karvois at the hearing, although they declined to speak about the case. This situation demonstrates the importance of having representation from experienced West Palm Beach, Bicycle Accident Attorneys in such complex and emotionally charged legal matters.

Investigation and Evidence

According to the arrest report, Karvois was driving his Infiniti Qx80 SUV when he swerved and hit Makhmoor, who was in a designated bicycle lane at the time. The vehicle was stopped by witnesses shortly after, and when the police arrived, they found Karvois to be the sole operator. Officers discovered empty liquor bottles and pills in the vehicle, emphasizing the importance of thorough legal investigations, often guided by Florida Accident Attorneys.

Legal Challenges and Defense

Once arrested, Karvois had to face not only DUI charges but also additional counts, including possession of controlled substances and firearms. It brings to light the complications that often come with DUI cases, where legal representation is key. Attorneys who specialize in DUI and accident cases can scrutinize the arrest procedures, question the validity of tests, and challenge the prosecution’s narrative. Expertise from Accident Attorneys can make a considerable difference in how such a case unfolds.


While the loss of life is tragic and irrevocable, the complexities of the legal system in DUI cases require expert handling from both sides. From gathering evidence to representing the accused or the victims, attorneys play an indispensable role in the pursuit of justice. This recent case in West Palm Beach highlights the multitude of ways that legal professionals can impact the outcome of these devastating events.