The Role of an HR degree in an HR Career

For any business, HR professionals play a particularly critical role. The most valuable assets of a company are its people, and no business can function without its workforce. And in the course of HR careers, professionals must attract, select, train, and retain skilled workers, a task that is not easy.

How is the job availability for HR?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following is the outlook for particular jobs between 2019 and 2029:

• HR specialists: 7 percent growth

• HR managers: 6 percent

Do HR degrees help?

The tasks facing an HR professional are complex. Labor laws are a tough matter to navigate, given the bearing they have on recruitment and other employer methods. The best practices for compensation and fair treatment of employees are not clear cut, and then there is the matter of creating a good workplace culture and environment.

It is in this regard that the value of an HR degree comes through. An HR degree offers a solid grounding in and greater clarity on core aspects of HR careers, teaching a candidate how to properly run the HR aspects of an organization.

What are the specific advantages of a HR degree?

An HR degree has several benefits. These are explained below:

• Variety of HR jobs: A degree makes a person suited for different types of jobs. Some are better for introverted personalities while others suit extroverts better. The person could be constantly interacting socially in a recruitment role, or could work behind the scenes in analytical roles such as compensation and benefits calculation or overall pay levels.

• Soft skills and interest areas: The degree teaches the person the core skills required for a job in HR. Stress management is an important part of the HR job, and another key aspect is interaction with people. The person must want to help others be their best, whether they are employees or senior management. Emotional balance is another essential ingredient.

• Caters to different interests: An HR degree can take the person in different areas of HR work, depending on particular interests. In the past, HR departments were largely administrative in nature, but in the present day, they do much more, and thereby offer more aspects to work in the HR field.

• Impressive salaries: In 2019, the median annual salary for US HR specialists was USD 61,920, while for HR managers, it was USD 116,720, according to the BLS. Typically, both jobs require a minimum of an undergraduate degree.

Suitability for higher roles: Organizations understand human capital can be a great source of competitive advantage, and consequently are demanding more personnel in HR teams to source the right human capital. Professionals aspiring to land executive roles in HR at the mid- or senior-level commonly pursue master’s degrees in HR. Top-flight HR executives receive annual salaries in the USD 300,000 range plus stock options and other executive benefits.

• Valuable during turmoil: In times of a crisis, such as the ongoing pandemic, an HR professional becomes particularly valuable. This comes from the fact that businesses face several new challenges with reducing burnout and rolling out remote work, both of which are suited to trained professionals.

• Avoiding corporate collapse: Companies who are unsuccessful are often not so because of a shortage of a great product or service but due to lacking the people and the culture to execute the same properly and bring it to fruition. The other aspect they suffer from is poor retention, and both of these are well-handled by professionals in HR courtesy their HR degrees.

• Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) initiatives: With DEI gaining ground, companies are giving particular attention to an equitable and harassment-free workplace, which is covered by good HR degrees.

Along with an HR degree, a candidate can also opt for some of the best HR and talent management certifications. These offer the latest skills and know-how, and prepare a person to take on new roles and higher responsibilities in the HR field.


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