The Role of a Managed Services Provider

If your company is growing quickly, so too will your IT needs. With an increase in demands on your infrastructure, you’ll need more IT support. This can get expensive. Often this means hiring more IT technicians.

But there is another option. Using a managed services provider can help you take control of your IT infrastructure. But what types of managed services are there?

In this article, we’ll take a look at managed business services and discuss their role.

A Managed Services Provider Will Keep You Safe

Are you aware that 60% of all small businesses get hacked? The last thing you’ll want is to become a part of that statistic. Having your valuable and sensitive customer data compromised could be very costly in terms of your reputation.

Getting hacked can put a small company out of business.

A managed services company will help you to stay ahead of the hackers. They’ll do this by ensuring your systems are kept up-to-date at all times and with round-the-clock system monitoring.

Managed Services Let You Take Control Of Your Costs

When you run your own in-house tech team, you’ll often find that your costs will vary dramatically. Not only that, but your tech bill can also get expensive.

The best way of taking control of your IT services bill is to hire a managed services provider. An IT services company will charge you a set rate for their services every month.

Using a managed service provider will help you if your IT costs fluctuate.

You’ll Get Access to Advanced Expertise

When it comes to carrying out IT duties, you want the most experienced people to help. This type of expertise will generally come at quite a cost, though.

When you use a managed services provider, you’ll have access to IT experts that can help you succeed in your business. This will save you the need to hire experts, which could get costly.

Managed Services Are Scalable

Growth is a common aim for many businesses. If you’re looking to expand your business, you’ll very quickly outgrow your existing IT infrastructure. This can cause inertia and stunting of your progress.

One of the key benefits of the managed services model is scalability. You can grow your infrastructure at speed you need to.

Reduce Your Labor Costs With Managed Services

Often, the biggest expense your business will have will be the wage bill. By outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service, you’ll be able to save on these costs. Instead of paying wages, you’ll pay a flat rate for any services that you use.

You’ll Get 24/7 System Monitoring

Because cyberattacks can happen at any time, you’ll need round-the-clock support. For this reason, a managed IT services provider will provide system monitoring 24/7.

During the monitoring of the systems, your IT services provider will spot any vulnerabilities and patch them.

Your Managed Services Provider Will Help With Disaster Recovery

Getting hacked is the last thing that you want to happen, but unfortunately, it happens. You’ll need to have a plan for if the worst does happen. One of the managed service offerings that your IT company should provide is assistance in disaster recovery.

A Managed Services Provider Will Free Up Your Time and Resources

When you run a small business, it might be tempting to try and manage your IT requirements yourself. While you may think that you have the skills and experience to do the job yourself, you’re probably aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Not only will you be wasting your own precious time, but you won’t be proactive.

Not only will outsourcing your IT requirements free up your time, but it’ll also help you excel.

Using a Managed Services Provider Will Mean You Won’t Need to Hire Anyone

When hiring new employees for your own IT department, it can take a considerable amount of time and effort. You’ll need to go through the whole recruitment process and train your employees. Once in place, you’ll need to manage your team.

One of the major advantages of using a managed services provider is that you won’t need to manage an IT department.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With IT Support

Having the right managed services provider in position will allow you to get ahead of the game.

If you’ve got your own in-house team, you’ll have to worry about paying for research and development. The cost of this will drive up the price of your products and services, meaning your customers will end up paying more.

With a managed services provider working with you, you won’t need to concern yourself with research and development costs, as this will be part of the service you’re already paying for.

This saving can then be passed onto your customers, meaning you stay competitive.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With New Technology

Whenever a new technology hits the market, anyone that adopts it early will reap the rewards.

The right IT support company will have the necessary resources to work on a major infrastructure project like rolling out new software or installing new technology.

All of this could spell positive results for your business.

Why Outsource Your IT Requirements?

There are many good reasons for hiring a managed services provider. From saving you money to getting the competitive edge, using a managed services provider to look after your IT requirements makes great business sense.

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