The Risks of The Exposed IP Address on The Internet?

When you connect your device to the Internet, you get an IP address provided by your internet connection provider. The IP address is dynamic and either comes under IPV4 or IPV6, depending on the availability. This address is an essential identifier for your connection and can be used by nefarious individuals to intercept your connection.

If you want to protect your data and information, you should permanently save your IP address with the help of a VPN service provider. They offer masking options for the IP location, so your connection has no specific identifiers. In this article, you will learn about the risks of the exposed IP address and how Urban VPN resolves is the perfect solution.

Dishonest third parties can easily map your Location.

Like a home address, your IP address is being shared across the Internet when you visit any website. Your details and the geo-location can all be tracked by the receiver. An exposed IP address can help determine much personal information that can put you at risk. A provider like Urban VPN service makes it near impossible for individuals to track your IP address. Additionally, read the significant benefits of using a VPN to help you surf the Internet better.

  1. Hackers can easily use the information against you.

Through your IP address, hackers not only map your Location but can obtain important details about you from your Internet protocol address. Additionally, cybercriminals can use this information to use the IP address to mask their activities under your network. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your network is complete.

You may face various government restrictions.

While using a public IP address, you are subjected to various government restrictions. The government can easily monitor your online activities without encoding your internet connection. They can also inhibit what websites you visit by IP tracking and, in many cases, are against your freedom as a user. Time to gain control of your browsing by using Urban VPN.

Third parties can easily monitor your online activities.

Third parties can quickly obtain the data transmission between your devices, whether you transmit data from one device to another or from your device to cloud storage. You can’t protect data transmission when using a public IP address. Hackers and dishonest third parties can find a way to locate your Location and breach your data and system. When using a public IP address, it is not safe to transfer essential files and data over the Internet.

Governments can use ISP logging against you.

As ISP is logging into online activity, the government can request to avail such information at any time from ISP. The government can easily monitor your browsing activity from a Public Ip address. This information includes the videos you are watching, the things you buy online, and even your online conversation. Third parties can easily track all these things. You can help secure your browsing activity by using different proxies and can help your IP address secure itself from malware attacks.

You may face dangerous cyber-attacks.

When you browse the Internet through a public IP address, you let people know your address, Location, email address, and phone number. However, it is OK to share these things with your relatives and friends whom you can trust. But besides them, many malicious websites can use this information against you and put you in trouble. Therefore, whenever you visit a website through a public Ip address, you are making yourself a target of cyber-attack.

When you expose your IP address or use an internet connection without protection, you may put your device into hacking and cyber-attack. Therefore, it would be best to take adequate measures to protect your device through Urban VPN. They provide encrypted and secured internet connection so that your IP address should not get exposed on the online platform. For example, if you are staying in Denmark, you can choose an IP address in London. It is essential to encrypt your internet connection by using online security and privacy measures.


Your digital device is something that works the same as your physical address. However, it needs an IP address to send information to another device. It may seem harmless, but hackers can use this information against you and put you in great trouble once they know about your IP address. As a result, we have listed the various dangers that you might come across thanks to an exposed IP address. An exposed IP address can also lead to individuals using this information to intercept your data. However, by masking IP, you can protect your computer from the loss of valuable information and data leaks.