The Rising Star In Life Transformation Industry – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

It’s no secret that the life of an entrepreneur comes with lots of excitement, struggles, highest and lows. Those experiences are also packed with valuable lessons.

One entrepreneur that has been on the rise is Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, and she’s the mastermind behind Incredible One Enterprises.

She is also an award-winning author, speaker, and business strategist whose work has been featured in Essence, Black Enterprise, Forbes, Success, and O Magazines. 

All her success is a result of exceptional hard work, brains and perseverance through corporate America. Darneyelle leveraged her time and experience through the various industries she’s worked in to grow her company and lead her others towards their business goals. 

How She Found Her Purpose 

Darnyelle’s journey started in a financial services company where she progressed from entry-level customer service to Vice President in just three years. 

She spent a total of 12 years with the company before she realized that she wasn’t born to sit behind someone else’s desk. Eventually, she left her corporate life. Afterward, she spent a few years in Mary Kay Cosmetics where she worked hard until she earned two pink Cadillacs and built her unit to become a top sales director in the state of Delaware. 

“After realizing that I traded one desk for another, I sent my car back to the company and started what is today, Incredible One Enterprises LLC,” she shared. 

Like many budding entrepreneurs, Darnyelle struggled to grow her company and ended up filing bankruptcy and going back to work. She later decided to get serious about her business and started to apply what she learned when she got her MBA in marketing.

“I decided to hone in my ideal client, develop services that would solve key problems faced by my clients, and offer results and transformation. I showed up consistently to market my services through leveraging and getting booked to speak,” she said. 

From there, Darnyelle began to hold her own live events and saw her impact on clients and how they’ve grown consistently. Today, she is the CEO of a multi-million dollar business transformation company where she has had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest service-based entrepreneurs in the world. 

Transforming Clients’ Lives 

Under her daring leadership, Incredible One Enterprises LLC has been transformed into a high-end business with an arsenal of success. 

“Our goal is to transform lives and to ensure that our clients know that they don’t have to choose. We desire our clients to become better in every way because they invested in themselves to work with our award-winning team of coaches and consultants,” she said. 

Incredible One Enterprises has been disrupting the industry and are one of the rare companies that has results to back it up.

In conclusion, everyone can not only look up to, but also learn from Darnyelle and her decisive action taking which allowed her to achieve great things and create real value for the world.

We have no doubt that Darnyelle and her team will keep dominating the industry, changing lives for the better and recommend everyone to keep an eye on them and for what they have coming in the future.