With the uplift in remote working through recent years, the idea of earning an income whilst being able to travel and explore, is now becoming an increasing reality for some. Maiken Ariana, a UK based travel content creator has achieved exactly that. Although she was always a jetsetter, it wasn’t until 2019 where things really started to kick off and transformed what was just taking photos on her camera, to now her full-time lifestyle. If she’s not around London with a coconut milk matcha in hand, it’s likely you’ll find her basking pristine beaches, taking a yoga class surrounded by tropical greens, or reviewing the next up and coming spa destination.

Coming from a background in health and fitness as a qualified yoga teacher and former sports model, Maiken seeked to incorporate her love for all things wellness with her travels. Alongside, hotels and resorts were also shifting their focuses on the wellbeing aspect of how, when and where people travel to. Maiken explains, “More people are seeking ways to improve and look after their mental and physical health now. Over the top luxury is becoming less of an importance when people are choosing their next destination. Now customers are concentrating on sustainable practices around hotels, what wellness offerings they have and what menus suit dietary requirements to nourish the body.”

Maiken Ariana exclusively works with luxury brands that she believes are aligned with her values and offer an experience where guests will feel rejuvenated from mind, body and soul. Maiken elaborates, “The term ‘wellness’ isn’t just about having a gym and getting fit. It also extends to the atmosphere we’re surrounded by. Sure, every purpose of a trip is different. But being able to have a haven where you can feel completely at peace, is just that added touch. A few examples I’ve seen with hotels included, opening nature hikes to reconnect with nature, meditative mornings or even small improvements with creating space within rooms.”

Whilst she travels to destinations across the world, Maiken Ariana also holds one other job under her belt – her Digital Marketing work for brands. Having worked with leading global industries such as L’Oreal, Arcadia, Lululemon and more – Maiken holds a professional background within marketing that she believes has helped her travel content. Maiken clarified, “Ironically, I don’t just travel to destinations to take photos for my Instagram. I look to create content for brands where I capture visuals using my background in sports and yoga, but also ensuring the content is evergreen. When people see my photos, I don’t want the focus to just be on how I look. I want people to visualise themselves in that setting and feel inspired to travel.” With her previous background experience, Maiken works closely with brands to plan the type of content they’re looking for but with her personal twist on things. Her business savvy attitude, creativity and technical skills take a lot of hard work and patience.

When asked about getting started as a travel influencer, Maiken Ariana explains, “Honestly, patience is your best friend. Sometimes an opportunity might come your way, other times you get rejected… but it happens! The first and foremost step is identifying your own brand, your purpose and your values. If you’re looking to work with a certain travel brand, understand how you then fit and align with their goals. Or in some cases, identify how you fill a gap in an area they have yet to acknowledge.”


  • Being able to chill and stay in a resort is great. But try to find time to get to know the area, learn the culture and see where the locals go.
  • Put the phone down. Of course, post as much as you wish. However, it’s also important to actually find time to disconnect from the screen and be present in the moment.
  • Avoid peak season and look to travel either right before or near the end. Airfare and accomodation tends to be cheaper, but you still get the weather you’re looking for.
  • If you’re bringing expensive camera gear and equipment, insurance is your best friend. Believe it or not, so many people travel without insurance. Invest in a good gadget cover policy, you never know if a drone may crash or you scratch a lens on a rocky hike.

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