The Rise of Mhealth and India’s Top Five Mhealth Apps

In recent days, mobile phones have proved to be the most powerful device that caters beyond communication. You can now get access to the listing of doctors through various mHealth applications.

All mHealth applications have proved to be fruitful for providing general medical consultation. So tracking your physical and mental health has now become easy.

The Upliftment of mHealth Applications in the Indian Healthcare Market

The ongoing pandemic has brought about a change in all the functionalities of the entire world. People were forced to stay indoors for an exceptionally long time, changing regularity.

To support general healthcare practices and medical treatment, developers introduced numerous mHealth applications. People can keep track of their health and fitness through various intelligent fitness trackers and wearables.

On the other hand, it is now possible to book a doctor’s appointment through the available medical app for doctors. In this way, availing of therapy has become much more accessible through the mHealth apps of India.

India’s Top Five mHealth Apps

For developing India’s healthcare networks, numerous mHealth apps have come up. These applications have proved immensely effective and popular as private health trackers.

We have collated the top five apps for doctors in India. They are:

1.  Finserv Health App for Doctors

This mHealth application is undoubtedly the best as it is the one-stop destination for doctor and physician consultation. You can consult with any doctor over call, chat or video conference.

You will also access all your previous reports as they are stored with security. On the other hand, this healthcare application will give you personalized reminders about your upcoming appointments.

2.  Practo

From delivering prescription medicines to patients to doorstep lab checkups, Pract does it all. It is probably the most used mHealth application by the people of India.

3. 1mg

You can book health checkups, laboratory tests, and medicines through this popular app.


This effective application works as a period tracker for women. It also provides additional guidance on taking care of physical health and activity.

5. Curefit

From fitness to medical consultation, curefit takes care of everything. You can also book therapy for the well-being of your mental health.

Benefits of mHealth Applications

There is no doubt that the mHealth applications prove beneficial for ample reasons. They are:

  • Smooth and Refined Health Tracking

mHealth applications provide real-time health information to patients. You can easily track the improvement of any prevalent ailment along with its effects.

Various healthcare applications have numerous features like menstruation tracking, weight loss, etc. It also can monitor your pulse rate and heartbeat through the fitness tracker wearables.

  • Healthcare and Improves Wellness

In recent days, healthcare applications have become the most popular niche of applications. Developers can construct mHeath apps with exceptional ease and make consultation easier for patients and doctors.

Interested physicians can register as doctors and provide requisite consultation to their patients. Undoubtedly the mHealth apps are highly effective in healthcare and improving the wellness of patients.

  • Paperless Medical Consultation and Documentation

With the existence of mHealth applications, there has been extensively low involvement of paperwork. Medical documents like physical test reports and physician’s prescriptions have now been digitized.

Patients can now access all the medical documentation quickly at their fingertips.

  • Sorted and Prescribed Treatment

Several studies reveal that most patients disregard their doctors and forget to take the prescribed medicines on time. They either skip their medicines or do not follow the correct dose as prescribed to them.

But with mHealth applications at bay, dealing with healthcare non-compliance has become easy. These applications will give constant reminders to patients for following a strict discipline according to the prescription.

  • Transforming Physical Tests

Unlike earlier times, patients will not have to go to the laboratories to get tested. You can keep track of your pulse rate, heartbeat, and specific other health parameters through smart trackers.

Some mHealth apps send pathologists to your home for a doorstep blood test or COVID test.

  • Cost-Effective

Visiting a doctor or physician for consultation involves lots of money. But mHealth applications work like your personal doctor, thereby taking care of your common health issues.

To Conclude

There is no doubt that India’s healthcare market is substantially roaring on mHealth apps. It is a beautiful and innovative initiative that contains the listing of doctors.

To have the best experience with mHealth, you can always turn to Finserv Health App for Doctors.