The rise and rise of Ahmad Yasir

A few years ago, Ahmad Yasir was a college kid, completing his graduation in Biology. Today, he’s one of the inspiring entrepreneurs paving his way to success. His Instagram pages @reaction and @ghetto started in 2015 and have 5 million and 2.7 million followers, adding a bit of humor in people’s mundane lives. Filled with hilarious videos, memes, quotes, photos, and captions, @reactions and @ghetto will take you down a veritable rabbit hole of web comedy. Connecting with people from all over the world through a single platform, each one packs big comedy into the smallest of places. Indeed, it’s not easy evoking laughter with a few seconds of video or a single photo, but Ahmad Yasir makes it happen over and over again. That’s what his Instagram meme accounts are all about.

Unlike his competitors, Ahmad diversified his content. From the simply formatted jokes that even the older generation is bound to share on Social Media to the crazy and inexplicable stupidity that only those generations who were weaned online would understand, Ahmad Yasir’s pages will keep you scrolling for hours.

His meteoric rise has become a reference point, but looking back, Ahmad credits his success to strong commitment and dedication towards his goals. Ahmad always wanted to be his own boss from a very young age. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Biology, he realized that working for someone is not his cup of tea and decided to carve his career path. Unaware of the business world, Ahmad followed the footsteps of the successful businessmen of all time. His knowledge of the outgrowing development of social media made him grab the opportunity and launch his meme accounts from zero.

Ahmad believes he’d never become a star if he’d thought out a strategy. “Strategies never work out for memes and viral videos,” he says. Although the motive behind the viral memes and videos was business, he started them because he had a joke to share. That seems pretty the same even now. The effortless manner in which Ahmad pulls puns out of seriousness is something worth watching. Ahmad Yasir specializes in outstandingly presenting topics in languages that his audience understands. He’s known for portraying content sprinkled with the taste of humor, to keep his fans engaged without getting bored. He knows how to impress his fans.

With popularity comes pressure. Creating entertaining content consistently is something that has to handle a lot of it. Well, for Ahmad, it’s pretty different. He doesn’t like to work when the deadline is approaching and, instead, prefers to sleep. He believes admitting to followers that he could not come up with engaging content instead of uploading substandard content. Maybe, that’s the reason why @reaction and @ghetto have a loyal fanbase. The creative content is loved by so many that the pages were also offered to collaborate with famous brands like PUBG, Fashion Nova, and many others.

Ahmad does not restrict himself to being a social media influencer. He plans to expand his boundaries by opening E-commerce stores and indulging himself in real estate and various small businesses, and food outlets. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Ahmad believes that any business can reach unprecedented heights if the efforts made are real.

With his consistent efforts and a clear vision, Ahmad Yasir is an inspiration for many. His life achievements have inspired the youth to take up the bold step and carve a career out of their niche. It’s because of his goal-oriented personality and effective marketing strategies that Ahmad Yasir has become the dominant of the meme industry. Unlike many of the budding entrepreneurs, Ahmad was clear regarding the career path that has made him achieve something many aspiring entrepreneurs lack. He has proved time, and again that hard work and persistence can help one achieve the impossible.