The Right Way to Sync the GAL to an iPhone or Android with Itrezzo UCM

If you are a business person, then you know how important the GAL (Global Address List) is to a business. Yet, there are major challenges that make it difficult using this feature.

  • First and foremost, the GAL does not have a syncing option to mobile devices such as androids and iPhones. For some reason, Microsoft left out this feature on purpose when designing the GAL.


  • Secondly, manually pushing contacts to the individual mailboxes is an arduous task, especially for large organizations with a large number of users.


  • Another problem is that GAL does not support offline access to contacts. That means that regardless of an emergency, users cannot use the GAL in a tunnel, plane, or any dead-zone area.


  • And finally, GAL does not support automatic updates. In case of any changes, smartphone users will not receive the update until the central administrator pushes them to their devices.


To avoid these problems, you will need to use a third-party solution to Sync Gal to iPhone and other androids. Of course, some companies have tried to develop in-house tools, but they have not been very successful with that. The most reliable tools that have been proven to produce success include; itrezzo, NetSec, CiraSync, Connected Softwares, Did it Better, and Slip Stick.


In this article, we will focus on the itrezzo UCM and the right way to use it to Sync the GAL to iPhones and androids.

  • First things First

Before you begin the process, you must install the itrezzo Unified Contact Management software. If you have already done that, then you can jump right into the process. But if you have not yet installed the software, you can do so by completing these three simple tasks;


  • Establish an itrezzo service mailbox
  • You will also need an application Server.
  • Download the latest software from the itrezzo support site. Run the installer and follow the prompts.


  • Configuring the itrezzo UCM
  1. First, Log in to your itrezzo Service Account. You should see the setup wizard on your desktop. Launch this application.
  2. Choose the Service Mailbox Setup
  3. Choose the type of Exchange Server you are running.
  4. If you are using an On-Premise Exchange server, you should see the email address of the mailbox on the login field 1. Check the Direct URL box (3), if you know the exact HTTPS URL of the CA
  5. Now run the setup; and request for an authorization code. You should receive this info in your mailbox. Provide your email address and click the Enter button. All the other fields remaining will be filled with information from the GAL.
  6. Hit the Get button (2) to receive an authorization code. Ask for help at if you do not receive one.
  7. Clear the checkbox for Start “All Services” and “Launch Web Administrator”
  8. Request the license packs from your itrezzo Customer Service Representative. If this is your first time using itrezzo UCM, you should receive five UCM licenses free for one year.
  9. Once you receive the license pack; send it to the service account mailbox
  10. Now open the setup wizard on your itrezzo desktop and check all the boxes under NT Services Management. Click the “ Start Button”
  11. Select “Global Configuration” and hit the “Exchange Logon” option on the left side of your page.
  12. Hit the “Verify” button.


  • The Main Process
  1. Under Data Dictionary, click Collections and add two collections.


  • One is for the GAL or the contact list you intend to share. Give it an appropriate name Ie. All Employees, All Company Executives, etc.


  • The other one is for the target group or the smartphone users to receive the synchronized contacts.


  1. Auto license the SmartPhone users with the license packs from the Global Configuration


  1. Add all the users to the license packs.


  1. After that, you need to create a Mandatory Contact List (MCL) under the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager. Click the “+” button to create a new list.


  1. Name it. Choose the source collection you created Ie. All Employees and select “All Smartphone Users” as the target collection.


  1. Now save the MCL


  1. Once you are done, open the Schedule container and Run UCM on the “All Smartphones Users” collection.


All your smartphones are now synchronized to the GAL and should be able to view the shared contacts in their Exchange accounts.



Many people have tried to work around the GAL, but none of those ways seems to work. The itrezzo UCM is the surest way to provide a lasting solution to GAL Sync to androids and iPhones. And if you follow these steps to the latter, you will never go wrong.


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