The Right Way to Prepare Wood Fired Hot Tub for Winter

The Wood fired hot tub functions as a spa that you can enjoy in cold winter season. They present the most convenient way to reduce your stress, tiredness and relax your muscles. In short, they provide you the luxurious way of taking bath that provides even therapeutic benefits to reap anytime.

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To experience extreme enjoyment of bathing in wooden fired hot tub, you need to prepare it for winter. It helps to enhance the life span of the bath tub as well as keep it well maintained.

The easy to follow steps to prepare your wood fired hot tubs for cold days and night:

  1. You firstly need to drain the water. It is a known fact that frozen water is sure to expand. Thus, it is likely to damage the pipes and vessels of the hot tub. Water present in the holes will freeze and may create problem. Thus, it is best to open the water draining plug of the tub when the ember in the wooden heater fully cools down. You can leave it open for a while to let all the water drain out completely.
  2. The next step is to blow air in from all tiny holes to remove even water droplets. Your tub air massage system can do the work efficiently.
  3. You need to clean the tub before you start filling it up with water. It helps to scrub easily and keep it hygienic for winter hot baths. You can brush the bottom of the tub to remove any dirt sticking in it. Otherwise there are chances of microbes multiplying and it becomes slippery. You can even use organic disinfectant solution to keep the tub hygienic to use anytime.
  4. It will be beneficial to check the metal straps of the tub. You can adjust the straps if necessary. You need to clean any tar or ash completely while you clean the tub.
  5. You can keep small tied cloth pouches filled with soda bicarbonate in the wooden hot tub. It aids to absorb humidity and keep the tub aromatic. Thus, the wood of the hot tub will remain dry all the time. You can remove the pouches when you soak yourself in the wooden hot tub to take bath to be placed back after cleaning the bath tub.

You can prevent water from freezing in the tub by using a circulatory water pump fixed with an electric heater. Avoid leaving water in tub during winter season as the heater may stop working and the whole frozen water will damage the wooden tub. Thus, it is best to drain water after finishing your bath in winter times after the water cools down.

Enjoy your hot spa in your freshly cleaned wooden fired hot bath tub.