The Right Way to Buy Physical Gold

Are you an investor looking forward to buying gold and enjoying its feel and touch? The experience is scintillating. Although there are multiple methods you can use to buy gold, from the shares of gold-trading companies to ETFs, there is nothing as satisfying as holding gold in your hand. In this post, we will tell you why it is pretty easy to buy and own gold today. 

How to Buy Gold Bullions and Coins Online 

The process of buying physical gold is pretty straightforward. Online gold traders have opened multiple portals that make it easy for buyers to select the preferred bars, coins or bullions. If you purchase large quantities of gold, the online dealers also offer impressive discounts. However, your eyes should be trained on quality all the time. 

  • Target Purchasing Only Pure Gold 

When buying gold, you do not want to get stuck with bars that cannot be resold because of low quality. Therefore, you should target only to buy gold that is more than 99% pure. The remaining less than 1% is usually silver or copper, which makes it possible to smelt it. 

Another attribute that can help you pick only high-quality bullions is the stamp on its face. The stamp should provide the manufacturer, weight, and purity that should be expressed as 99.99%. You might want to review the dealers to see how they have been rated by previous gold buyers. If the earlier clients have positive feedback, the chances are that that might be a good gold-selling company

  • Think about Storage 

Once the seller finally delivers gold, it should be stored in a secure vault to avoid theft. Check different versions of precious metal storage units and have the best installed in your home. Another storage option is a paid repository by specialized companies and banks. However, you must be prepared to pay an annual fee to have the gold stored securely. 

  • Understand the Difference Between Coins and Bullions 

Although all types of pure gold come with impressive monetary value, they are not equal. The commonest are the gold bars and coins. If you are an investor looking forward to acquiring an investment that can help track spot prices, it might be a good idea to avoid coins. Many gold coins have their value attached to historic significance. This means you are likely to get the coins being sold way higher than their intrinsic value. Some cost way higher than the bullions. 

  • Buy Gold in Workable Sizes 

Although gold is available in different sizes, it is advisable to select the type that can easily be liquidated. For example, if gold is costing $1,500 per ounce and you have $15,000, it will be a better idea to buy ten bars as opposed to a single bar. If need arises, perhaps an emergency, it will be easy to sell one or several small bars. Some gold sellers might even attach a discount because you are buying many units. 

  • Make Sure to Shop Around 

Although there are many gold sellers online, compare them comprehensively to look for the one with affordable rates. This should not compromise on quality. Remember to also check for additional logistics, such as freight and insurance, which are likely to push the price further up. One of the most trusted dealers is GoldAvenue. Visit their website to compare the physical gold on offer and other logistics. 

Buying physical gold is an excellent way of diversifying your personal investment portfolio. You get to touch and feel your precious gold – what a satisfaction? If you target selling the gold at a profit, ensure to follow the market prices regularly. Then, sell when the price hits the peak.


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