The Right Solutions for the Perfect Paint Shop Choice

An owner often decides to repaint his car in three cases: damage from an accident, oxidation of the surface or simply to change the color of the body. Whether you choose to repaint your vehicle yourself or take it to a professional, the choice of paint is an important step, not only because the aesthetic appearance of your car will depend on it, but also because it must ensure a better protection against scratches.

A paint to protect metal surfaces

There are high end paints that are very durable and others that are cheaper. Of course, quality paints are much more expensive, but they give you a better warranty which is hard to find in cheap paints. The price is therefore an important selection criterion as you will find out in this article.

In addition, you should know that a car paint is made up of solid materials made up of powdery powder and used as undercoats, volatile materials with solvents which will serve to dissolve the binders more easily and ensure thus good hold on the area to be painted and film-forming materials binders and varnished liquids which are made up of artificial and natural resins.

Auto paint is also made of pigments to color the mixture. A distinction is made between organic pigments, mineral pigments and metallic pigments. The quality of the paint is improved by the pigmentation. Thus, it will have better grip, will be more resistant to bad weather, light and chemical attack. From the paint shop culver city  you can expect the best deal.

The choice of color

The color of a car should not only be chosen according to taste. The practical aspect must also be taken into account. For example, if your goal is to resell the car, it is better to opt for a neutral color white or gray because it will sell more easily than if you opt for a red color for example.

In addition, white is a messy color, unlike black, except that the latter has a low resistance for a passage to carwash. Practical question, the gray color remains the best option, because it lets less show the traces of claws and scratches.

On the other hand, metallic paints have the advantage of being dust resistant. However, these types of paint will cost you more to repair. The same goes for special colors.

Repainting the car: an important step

Once you have chosen the right paint, it is now time to practice. The results also strongly depend on the technique and the respect of the steps. Thus, before repainting the body, it is first necessary to repair the dents if necessary. Then you will need to protect each surface that should not be repainted with adhesive tape (handles, windows) and remove the headlights.

Then, you will have to degrease the entire body using a specific product so that the paint adheres well. When it comes to the actual painting, you will need a gun and a compressor that will get the best results. To start, apply a first coat to the car and let dry for about ten minutes.

Iron a second coat and let it dry for a whole day. You can then remove the camouflage on the parts that have not been painted. The last step is to polish the car with a wax. It is advisable to entrust the repainting of a car to professionals because it requires technique and great know-how.