The Right Options for getting Cash in Your Hand

The interest rate on the lien is usually lower than on other types of loans and generally does not exceed 2% per month. But it varies depending on the payment term you choose, which can be from one to four months. If you do not pay the debt within the agreed time, the pieces will go up for auction and you will lose that item. The attachment of assets can be indicated for those who are experiencing a momentary difficulty, mainly due to the short payment term of this debt. But make sure that you can give that as collateral and pay off the loan later. Otherwise, the risk of losing the piece is very great. From the Gold buyers Sydney these are the options that you can have.

Find a Reliable Place to Pledge

There are several pawnshops in this country. Some are specialized in jewelry. If you choose a lesser known pawnshop, confirm that the place is regulated and avoid problems in the future. Another option is for making the pledge in well-known pawn shops.In addition to having the credibility of the bank, loans can reach up to 130% of the value of the part for old customers who have never delayed the payment of this debt.

Bring the Necessary Documentation to Make the Pledge

As soon as you show which assets are pledged as money, the pawnshop will assess the value of the loan you intend to release. When you reach an agreement, present ID and CPF and fill out a form stating that the parts are not stolen. As there is normally no credit analysis of who is taking the goods, you get this money even if you are negative. Despite this, it is necessary to be regularized in the Federal Revenue, that is, to have the payment of taxes up to date. Otherwise, the money will not be released.

Have the Money Release Approved From the Pledge

After the jewels are evaluated, the money is released on the spot. In the case of Caixa, if you have already seized assets for more than a year without delaying any payments, you may be able to obtain a loan of up to 130% of the value of the piece. But those who pledge for the first time get a credit of up to 85% of the total value of the asset. It is worth knowing that the minimum amount borrowed is 10% of the total value of the object.

How Much Is Your Good Worth

Do you know how the value of the pledged product is defined? The appearance of the piece is not taken into account, but the precious metal weight it has. Therefore, you do not have to worry if the chain is broken and the jewel is worn or has loose stones, as these characteristics will not influence the value of the piece. In the assessment, the pawnshop also considers the gold price on the market at that time and other aspects valued at auctions, such as the age of the piece.

Jewelry, noble metals and pearls are the most used items when making the pledge. But these houses only accept gold pieces of less than 12 carats if they have historical or artistic value. Watches and pens, for example, are only worth a loan when they have a higher value.

Compare and Borrow Online

An alternative to facilitate your search is to use online personal loan comparison services. In it you receive proposals without commitment from several banks and finance companies.