The Return of Orchids

Flowers have been long associated with showing eternal love and care for someone. Giving flowers signifies your care and love for that person. They are an embodiment of love and care which makes them perfect for all occasions. 

Each flower has its own unique identity. They uphold a distinctive meaning. From their color to their breed each and every flower is different and special.  One such flower type is orchids. The orchidaceous plant holds a special place. They are the most enticing. They have been better known to symbolize luxury, love, and charm. They are perfect to impress anyone. They bloom in every color quite famed for their sweet-smell which makes them one of the Best-fragrant flowers. Orchids seem to be one of the most undermined flower types. They have around 25000 species making them one of the largest plant families.  Not just this they fit in with every aesthetic seamlessly. let us look at some of such orchids :

Phalaenopsis Orchids (white orchids)

They are available extensively due to their easy production and they require minimal care. Due to their slight touch of soft pink, they could be easily combined with any flower with a soft tone. 

These orchids are best-suited with flowers like a white rose, white and pink lilies, white carnations, and a lot more. An arrangement of white orchids is perfect for weddings as they mix in perfectly with the white aesthetic. They could also be gifted to someone mourning for their loss. These orchids represent wisdom and faith.

Cattleya Orchids ( yellow orchids)

These yellow -purple orchids are known for being “Queen of orchids”.With captivating fragrance and bewitching color contrast, they make a lovely pair with any flower. these yellow orchids arrangements make a happy bouquet. Usually, they are paired with flowers like Red roses and white lilies to make a pleasant bouquet.

These yellow orchids bouquet is an ideal choice for occasions like birthdays and festival. They make a vibrant bouquet that gives spring season vibes. 

Dendrobium Orchids ( purple orchids)

Purple color has long been associated with royalty and admiration. They make an elegant combination when combines with flowers like purple carnations and white rose, white lilies, or even white daisies. They could easily blend in with the environment and look adorable.

For a long time, they have been the first choice for wedding decorations or even gift them to someone you love. Their awe-worthy fragrance is refreshing and their arrangement is eye-appealing. 

Epidendrum Orchids ( orange orchids)

These inflorescences are long and produce brightly colored branches. they are mostly in orange color with a slight touch of yellow and faded orange. Usually, They are paired with orange roses and orange lilies. This bewitching combination of orange is suitable for wedding decoration or could be sent to someone about to start a new phase of life. 

Orange color has been long associated with tremendous energy. One cannot deny how orange orchids could enlighten a room instantly. Sending someone a bouquet of orange orchids is a perfect way to say that you care. 

Phalaenopsis orchids (Red Orchids)

Red has always been a celebrated color of love and seduction. Red orchids of the phalaenopsis breed are famed for their atypical fragrance and seductive appeal. Usually, They are arranged with red roses and red carnations. 

They form a perfect love duo to gift someone whom you love. Being suitable for anniversaries flowers, Valentine’s day, They are sent to someone you want to show your love. Their pleasant smell and sweet sight would instantly make your loved ones gleam with happiness. 

Orchids have been long ignored. But it’s a high time they take up a lead. Say no to those boring flowers, send something new, gift a bunch or orchids, be unique. They will help you stand out from the rest and would instantly make your arrangement exclusive. 

Riya Garg is a content marketing specialist at Floraindia. She has a background in content marketing, storytelling, and journalism. Riya’s editorial focus blends birthday flowers cakes and creative strategy with topics like unique birthday cake, anniversary bouquet, cake and bakery, anniversary flowers.