The Remarkable Response Of His New Song “Ha Ke Na”- 3M views!! In 4 days!!…

The new famous singer JS Atwal is geared up with his new song “Ha Ke Na,” which has hooked up his fans very much. As it is very hip-hop and fun and is enjoyable too! His song is sung, composed, and penned down by JS Atwal himself. The lyrics, the popping beat with the mixture of Indian tradition, make the song sound interesting and outstanding among other rap songs. The primary key is that he indulged Punjabi in the song so embrace fully that no one can do it and sing in such a grace-full voice as Mr. Atwal sang. His song “Ha Ke Na” will be the hit song of his debut. His last song, “Sharabi Teri Tor,” featuring Bohemia, was acquired very well by the audience, and it has millions of views on various streaming platforms. He has proved himself as a renowned singer now.

   Singer JS Atwal has dedicated his most delinquent single, “Ha Ke Na,” to his fans, who eagerly and patiently waited for the song despite his troubles. Since his big gap with the hit song, “Sharabi Teri Tor,” he’s been working tirelessly bringing the world his utmost creativity with more songs that reflect the culture of his country and is something all other artists desire for. This song was produced by JS, which was dropped by March by his own music label, “White Magic Music,” and the song had also featured Red Notice fame actress Brenna Marie who made the piece look alive with her quirky and professional acting skills!

    Mr. Atwal said that he has had many alert nights during his effort days, and now he is getting the reward for his hard work, to which we would agree on this. Atwal was born and brought up in India, and he only shifted to the States after he faced problems working and flourishing his art and craft back in India where he did not even have sufficient resources to produce his already written and composed song, but after years of hard work and dedication, he has made it, and he has arrived like a firecracker this time. The whole world knows about him, and his fans love him from the depth of their hearts. As his number of views on his YouTube channel proves it!!

      Atwal also said that he has always been interested in music and politics and committed a significant amount of time to the art of composing and producing songs. He also has established his own record label with the same preference, and now that he has made it to the top, he wants to keep releasing his hit and hooking songs!


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