The reasons why people should start buying and wearing fashionable polarized sunglasses

One of the most common fashion accessory that both men and women love to wear is a stylish pair of sunglasses. All across the world people of all ages love to adorn exquisite sunglasses to suit their clothing and look elegant. When you buy a new pair of sunglasses, it is basically for two reasons which are to protect your eyes from sunlight, and ultraviolet rays, and also to look fashionable. Sunglasses are an essential fashion accessory, particularly in the spring and summer months.

It is not always easy to tell the difference between sunglasses for men and women because the sunglasses are not labeled as any gender specific. There is a wide assortment of sunglasses in extravagant and exquisite designs for both men and women. In clothing stores, the sunglasses for men are placed along the men’s section while the sunglasses for women are usually near women apparel and fashion accessories. The lens for men and women sunglasses is more or less the same, but the frames and design of the sunglasses considerably varies.

There is a growing trend of using environment friendly products everywhere whether it is fuel, storage bags, clothing, beauty products, cutlery, and even sunglasses. The conventional sunglasses are usually made from combination of different materials, which include metal, plastics, and paint. The commonly available sunglasses contribute to unnecessary pollution as the sunglasses are hard to recycle and end up in landfills. As conventional sunglasses contain non-bio degradable plastic, the used and discarded sunglasses will sit in the ground and release toxic chemicals in the environment. There is noticeable popularity of eco-friendly sunglasses and all for the right reasons. The eco-friendly sunglasses are made from recycled materials, which include wood, bamboo, and cork.

Bamboo is the fastest growing wood in the world and probably the best option for sustainable sunglasses. Bamboo is quite stronger and more durable as compared to steel. The bamboo sunglasses are available in beautiful designs and are also moisture resistant and floatable. One of the coolest features of bamboo sunglasses is that you can never lose them at sea when you have gone to beach and indulge in playful activities.

Other sustainable materials like wood and cork also have minimal impact on the environment. Cork is harvested by just extracting the bark from a tree, and it helps to improve the forest life cycle. Cork is also biodegradable, reusable, fire and water-resistant, and also a good insulator.

Apart from the material of the frame, the legs are also an essential feature of sunglasses. The two common lenses that most people like to buy and wear are polarized and non-polarized glasses. The polarized lenses mostly have a laminated filter on them that allows vertically placed light to pass through while the non-polarized lenses are just tinted to block light. Sunlight is usually reflected from many surfaces such as glass, land, water, and hood of the car. The horizontal reflections are not good for the eyes as it results in glares and can momentarily blind the car driver and result in an accident. The polarized lenses are usually gray and yellow and help the drivers who say on the road for longer duration and even fishermen to spot the fish and avoid the glare of the sun. The vertically polarized sunglasses are quite helpful as they prevent dangerous glare, which can cause lot of discomforts. The non-polarized glasses are usual glasses that easily let the light pass through without filtering it. The several advantages of buying and wearing eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses are

  • Sustainable

When you buy bamboo sunglasses over plastic ones, then you are doing a world of favor and caring for the environment. Plastic sunglasses are non-biodegradable and end up in landfills where toxic chemicals are released, which are harmful to the surrounding atmosphere. Buying bamboo sunglasses shows that you care for the environment.

  • Ultraviolet protection

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause different eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer around the eyes. The polarized lens of bamboo sunglasses offers tremendous protection against UV rays. The poly bi-carbonite polarized lens shield from both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Stylish and comfortable

There are wide assortment and range of bamboo sunglasses that a person can buy according to his/her choice and preference. The natural looks and exquisite designs make bamboo sunglasses quite attractive and popular choice among both men and women. You can exude a certain touch of style and sophistication with a fashionable bamboo sunglasses.

  • Durable

The best feature of bamboo sunglasses is that there are not only eco-friendly but quite durable as compared to conventional sunglasses. The quality and durability of bamboo sunglasses make them best choice to buy and wear.

  • Lightweight

The bamboo polarized sunglasses are quite lightweight, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Many times most people would not even realize that they are wearing them. Another feature is that bamboo is floatable which means you never have to worry about dropping them at sea and not be able to find them.

Author Bio:

Ellen Connor works as a fashion designer and also writes for a fashion magazine. She recently wrote why people should buy and wear stylish, sustainable polarized sunglasses instead of the conventionally available sunglasses.