The Real Reasons Why you Should use Professional Carpet Cleaners

Over the last two years, cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene have been in the minds of the average person more than normal. Covid has made the use of hand sanitizer standard practice, and businesses have had to look more carefully at cleaning procedures.

There are many reasons that healthcare settings need professional cleaning services. It is clear too why restaurants and other businesses catering to the public have to be extra careful now as well.

What about carpets though? Is there any special reason that a business should be worried about this area?

There are some genuine reasons to use a professional carpet cleaner in the home or the workplace. Here is why.

Why should you use a professional carpet cleaner?

Using a professional carpet cleaner will produce results far above simple vacuuming. It is probably reasonable to say that many people already appreciate this aspect of carpet cleaning.

However, there are other reasons that you, or your business, might want to consider calling in the pros for this one area.

Don’t need to invest in equipment

If you wish to give your carpets a deep clean then you will need the proper equipment. Carpet steamers, shampooers, HEPA vacuums. All of these are needed to clean a carpet with heavy traffic.

If you are talking about an office then there will be a lot of grime and dirt trodden into that carpet. Vacuuming just isn’t going to cut it.

Makes the work environment healthier

Healthline reports that there are serious issues with carpet allergy. This can be caused by certain materials used in the carpets. Yet, it can also come from other allergens such as pollen and dust building up.

Dander, dust, mold, and insects, can all cause allergic reactions in people. Having a workforce sniffling and sneezing won’t improve productivity or morale.

Saves time

Using professional services simply saves time. Your in-house janitorial services can continue with their usual tasks without learning how to clean carpets properly.

Can be done outside of work hours

When it comes to saving time, this is a great advantage. You want your employees to be working in a comfortable environment, and hopefully working productively.

Trying to clean carpets while people are working is going to be highly disruptive. Using a professional carpet cleaning contractor could mean getting them in at the end of the day when employees are leaving.

One of the reasons why professional carpet cleaning is an investment for your business is just this. While your employees are sleeping, your carpets will be getting cleaned. No downtime at all.

Makes the office more professional looking

Cleaning makes carpets look fresher and newer. A good working environment helps with morale and helps to retain employees.

Not only that, cleaning a carpet will help the overall appearance of the office. Very important when you have clients and outside visitors regularly.

Removes odors

All cleaning removes odors, but a professional carpet clean goes much deeper. All manner of grime and dirt is being trodden into your carpet every day. If the carpet is in a home, then you could be talking about crumbs, pet hairs, and dander.

In an office, it is highly likely that most employees are wearing shoes. The same shoes that they walked from the outside in.

Avoid moldy carpets

Speaking of treading things in from the outside. When it rains a certain amount of water will be transferred to the office from umbrellas, clothing, and shoes. Drinks will occasionally get spilled as well.

If carpets get damp and are not cleaned properly, they can develop mold and mildew. Not only will this destroy the carpet, but it will present another health hazard.

Protects your investment

A report by Forbes shows that it could cost up to $2000 to recarpet an area of 200 sqft. Imagine how much it costs to carpet a five-story office block then.

Or you might be a homeowner who has invested in a luxurious weave. Failing to clean it means that you are throwing money away.

Cleaning carpets professionally means that they will last longer. All the grim building up in the weave is doing its damage.

They know what they are doing

Professional carpet cleaning companies have experience. They will understand what works with your carpet, and what doesn’t. This is why they will very often offer guarantees for their service.

They will also be insured. This is a serious consideration when you think about how much that lovely carpet costs.


Having a proper carpet clean performed means that all the dullness from dirt and grime gets removed. Obviously, the carpet will look better, but it is worth using professional services for other reasons.

Your business can avoid any downtime by using out-of-hours contracted services. The company will be insured against any damage, and the work is guaranteed.

Mostly though, your office will look better, smell nicer, and be a healthier place to work.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team