The Real Reason You Should Keep Gun Parts and Kits on Hand

If you’re reading this, you probably have a gun. Maybe you have several. If you have a gun, you probably are a shooter of some sort, unless you’re an obligate collector of nothing but historically oddities and safe queens.

Following, if you’re a shooter, regardless of whether you enjoy range therapy, are a competitive shooter, or just a casual hunter, you’re going to experience situations in which you wear down vital components of your firearms.

Firearms are like cars. They have many, many small, moving parts and require periodic maintenance to function properly and as intended. Deny them this maintenance, and after a while, you might be facing a more serious repair.

Everyone has experienced these types of issues from time to time. A trigger that’s starting to experience a bit too much creep, or isn’t breaking reliably. A worn out spring. A firing pin that’s not striking the primer correctly, hard enough, or at all. Broken, bent or deformed extractors. Tiny springs inside the action that wear out. A barrel that has worn down lands. They all happen over time. Some require more immediate attention than others.

When your gun needs service, you have two options. You can take it to a gunsmith or you can perform the repairs yourself. The former is very expensive and requires you to have trust in the smith in question. The latter is educational, enjoyable, affordable, and gives you some personal time with your firearm.

However, this is another area in which firearms are like cars. You can be as willing as you like to make the repairs yourself, but without the parts, you’ll just be blowing smoke. When your headlight goes out, you do need a new headlight bulb to fix the issue, right? The same basic tenet applies here.

Now this is where gun parts and kits come into the picture. You, like many others, may have had an impression that gun kits were for enterprising individuals who like to build their own guns. Well, they are, but they’re useful for a lot more than that. A lot more.

Can you predict, really, what will go wrong with your action, and when? You can’t do the same for a car, and when these things happen they are decidedly unpredictable. In other words, you can keep a spare barrel around knowing that eventually you’ll need to replace it, only to have every other piece of the gun minus the stock fail first.

The point here is that you can’t know what will fail and when. That’s why it’s surprisingly valuable to keep gun parts and kits on hand, especially those parts kits for firearms that you already own. Keeping one of them around is basically like keeping a spare of every part you could ever need, right on hand, in reserve.

So as you can see, you don’t need to be a full-time tinkerer or even plan to build your next gun from a kit to get serious value from a parts kit. It’s also not entirely necessary to have one in reserve, but the fact of the matter is that you can potentially wring serious value out of one, especially if you have a lot of guns.

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