The purpose, types, and advantages of telephone answering service for startup companies

We live in a fast-paced digital world that is driven by a mobile application, fast internet connectivity, and cloud systems and also influencing nearly all types of businesses. Many companies are quite focused on implementing innovative and technologically advanced solutions that they overlook the value of a traditional telephone in communicating with the clients and customers.


Technology has become an essential part of our lives, and it has become difficult to foresee the present and future without smartphones where everything and anything is within reach of a fingertip. But the basis of the modern smartphone was nothing but a traditional telephone. The organization two and three decades ago knew the importance of the telephone as it was the only way to maintain communication with everyone from clients, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. A telephone call still offers more personalized service and allows a company to build a reputation with its clients and customers as compared to email and other online methods of messaging and communication.


The Internet has given solution to nearly every problem, but still many people prefer reliable customer support of a company that can guide them and solves the issues and problems they are facing. It is necessary for a business company to provide online communication to improve customer service, but it is also vital to provide an efficient telephone call service. A telephone offers a quick and faster interaction and more personal interaction as compared to an email. The customer also feels more satisfied after talking on the phone rather than following instructions through an email.


The small business and startup businesses that have a limited budget and want to provide excellent customer support can take help from certain companies offering a reliable telephone answering service. When any client or customer calls the business number for inquiries and queries, a call answering service will attend the call, take down messages, and even perform specific tasks based on the message of the call. A telephone call answering service is an important and vital feature of most companies as it helps to save time, money, effort and ensures you are available for your client or customer. The call management system varies from company to company.



  • Difference between call answering service and call center?

The main task of a call center is to entertain incoming calls and do cold calling and outbound marketing. The answering service, on the other hand support customers and clients who call a business company through an inbound call. The answering service may work in an office setting similar to a call center, but the primary functions differ. A call center agent is equipped with strong sales skills to deal with adverse reactions from some customers. The answering service agents have soft skills to convince the customers and quickly resolve the queries.



  • Why a small or startup business needs an answering service?

An answering service is a very cost-effective and efficient way particularly for small and startup business companies, to manage their day to day customer interaction. The companies can outsource the entire call system and avoid the need to spend time, effort, and other resources to hire staff and then train them to take calls. The option of outsourcing allows a company to turn. They focus on key areas and aspects of business and also give satisfaction that customer calls are handled professionally. An answering service can work even after office hours, and there is no load of work to be done when office work is resumed.


The answering service agents are trained to handle the influx of calls, so if a company is running seasonal products or campaigns, then the answering service can meet the demand and provide seamless service to customers.


  • Types of answering services

The answering services are different and mostly defined by the type of business a company is running. There are various options for business owners such as


  • Virtual receptionist service

A virtual receptionist is the first line of communication, and their tasks are to take down instructions or forward the call to the designated person.


  • Helpdesk support service

A helpdesk support service is designed to provide customer support 24 hours a day and all around the year. Efficient helpdesk support can provide the company with a competitive edge. An outsourced team can be trained to manage peak volumes of calls, answer the helpline number within or over normal office hours. A detailed script will be designed with the company so the outsourced team can deliver appropriate responses to customers and clients to pertinent questions.


  • Diary management service

The main purpose of a dairy management service is to record and streamline the day to day business activities. When there is a busy day at office then many important appointments can be missed. The dairy management services are commonly used by sales teams, dental surgeons, tradesmen, and general practitioners. The tasks are to manage all calls, make follow up and recurring meetings so the company can emphasize core business.


  • 24-hour telephone answering service

An outsourced service will work with the company to develop the call answering requirements. By using a 24-hour telephone answering service all the calls will be answered quickly, efficiently, professionally. A script will be prepared with frequently asked questions from customers and the response that the outsourced team has to give.


The advantages of using an answering service are


  • Never miss a call

A phone answering service ensures that a business company does not miss any call, and every customer or client call is answered promptly and professionally.


  • Improving productivity and giving the right impression

For startup companies, particularly, the phone answering service is best in improving operational efficiency and setting a good impression on the customers.


  • Reduce costs

Hiring a receptionist or hiring a team of agents can be expensive for small and startup businesses as they have first to call potential candidates, conduct interviews, and then set up office furniture and systems to provide the team. Outsourcing proves to be more cost-effective in the long run


  • Keeping track of all the calls

The outsourced teams have sophisticated systems to answer, record, and store information, which can help the business company know more about their customers and redefine their strategies.


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