The purpose of the Acronym24

The purpose of the is to collect the correct meaning and correct abbreviations, acronyms, and the collection of these abbreviations under a single database of words, institutions, titles, and similar abbreviations that most of us do not know or learn wrongly. Abbreviation is the short form and symbolization of a term, content, or proper name with one or more of the letters. The site helps you in this regard and provides information on how to use it. As for why abbreviations are used; If we want to shorten a word, title, institution name, or many words in a text and use it in an easier way, we use this method. has abbreviations of more than 400 thousand words, more than 2.5 million abbreviations, and terminological explanations of these abbreviations. Unfortunately, the misuse of abbreviations often comes back to us as a disadvantage in official institutions, the site works professionally on this subject and provides you with the right information in the most descriptive way. Learning the correct use of abbreviations that will provide you convenience makes it easy for you in the texts you write and aims to reach the correct information easily.


Terminology; They are combined words and words in fields such as science, art, whose Turkish equivalent is terminology, and these words are in the form of simple or combined dictionaries, especially in specific texts. In an age where we can access all kinds of information so easily, the main purpose of the site is that you can easily access the abbreviations of any organization, etc. from a database that is unique on the internet. For example, what does lg meaning in food? When you look at the website, you can find the “Large” and “Large gulp” expansions.


Since people can easily access abbreviations is the primary goal of the site, the interface is designed to be usable in the most basic way, as it is a known fact that the ease of the interface is an undeniable priority when creating this database and that people can easily access the abbreviations they want. To give an example, because an abbreviation has different meanings in a single nation, a single major or intermediate, in order to avoid confusion, it has put the different meanings of the abbreviation sought in different nations or in all intermediate fields one by one and presented to our users. In addition, by using the “Website Index” section at the bottom of the site, instead of learning the meaning of any specific abbreviation, you can find the abbreviations in alphabetical order and have the opportunity to have a fun “web surfing” on our site, as well as improve your knowledge of abbreviations. In addition, astrological equivalents of the abbreviations are also available on the site so that you can have fun on our site.