The pros and cons of cheap SSLs

How do you choose where to buy your SSL? And what is the best price for an SSL? Both are pertinent questions for those who are new to SSL, particularly since there are countless SSL stores around with varying price points. Have you seen the SSL certificate price by Namecheap or other affordable stores and thought to yourself, “What’s the catch?” If so, this blog might help. We’ll go through the pros and cons of cheap SSLs, and hopefully it will help you decide where to spend your cash. 


Apart from saving your hard-earned cash? That would be the fact that all SSLs on the current market are the same product, no matter how expensive or cheap they are. And, no matter how “powerful” the marketing has led you to believe a product might be. All modern SSL certificates offer a potential 256-bit encryption strength. The world’s strongest supercomputer can’t yet crack it, so a run-of-the-mill hacker certainly wouldn’t be able to either. So don’t be under the illusion that spending more will get you a better product. In this case, the cheaper option is just as good. 


….there are none. No, really, I swear. Unless you count saving money as a con, in which case you lead a very charmed life.

How to choose an SSL store

So, now that you know cheap and expensive SSL certificates are the same, where do you go from here? It doesn’t solve the problem of the numerous SSL stores out there. Bearing the following in mind should help.

  1. Reviews

Always read reviews on independent review sites. Always. Those are where you’ll find out what people really think of a certain product or store and whether or not it’s really worth your money. 

  1. Customer service

SSL certificates can be confusing, so having someone to turn to for help if something goes wrong is essential. Check how often customer service is available and whether their how-to guides are up to scratch.

  1. The issuing Certificate Authority (CA)

Getting an SSL from a CA that isn’t trusted by major web browsers is basically like not getting one at all. So be sure to look into the reputation of the issuing CA before you commit. If they’re considered trustworthy, you’re golden. 

Away you go

Now that you know that it’s worth it to go cheap with SSL, hopefully you can find the best store to suit your needs and enjoy some extra cash while you’re at it! You can alos read more dizymail

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