The Process of Installing Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof

Asphalt Shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in America. The reasons behind its popularity is not hard to find. They are affordable, easy to install, and quite durable as well. In recent times, you also have a wider variety of colors, textures and styles in shingles which enhances the curb appeal of your home. But what is the process of installing asphalt shingles? How do professional roofing contractors in Beverly Hills go about it? Let us take a look.

Now, before we begin, let us state a few things clearly. You can install asphalt shingles yourself, but it is recommended that you get professional roofing services in Beverly Hills for doing that. It would save you time, reduce the chances of errors and you will get the confidence that the work is done in the right way.

Prepping Your Roof

Prepping your roof involves three tasks: removing old shingles or any other roofing material, cleaning the roof and measuring the roof. Removing old roofing might get tricky at times, as a small mistake can damage your roof. Once that is done, your roof needs to be cleaned properly.

The next thing that needs to be is measuring your roof. This needs to be done to calculate the number of shingles you would need. It generally takes 3 pack of shingles to cover an area of 100 square feet (9.29 square meters). Professional companies offering Beverly Hills roofing services ensure that every single inch of your roof is properly measured, before they move to the next step.

Installing the Flashing

The next steps involve laying the underlayment and installing the flashing. These help by acting as a barrier between you and the weather. You would first need to need an underlayment and then install the flashing. If you live in an area with inclement weather, then you would need additional protection to keep the water and ice out. Speak to your roofing contractor for more details.

Laying the Starter Shingle

After this, you would need to lay the starter shingle. If starter shingle is not available, then the roofing company would make their own by using a normal pack of shingles. They would line the roof with chalk or any other marking material and then nail in the starter shingles.

Installing the Shingles

After the starter shingles are installed, the laying course is marked and the drip edge is dealt with, the real process begins. TheĀ roofing contractors in Beverly Hills would install the shingles along the course they have marked earlier. Each piece of shingle would be nailed down with four nails. If your area experiences heavy winds, then you would need to use six nails for each shingle.