The Pregnant World Kicking Out News On Supersonic Speed Leaving A Hilarious Hurricane

Wicked ChiefEditor DiyaSaini

The Central African Republic

President plays with Bitcoins

President Faustin-Archange Touadéra; If you pronounced his name right, you might have just won Bitcoins. The low tide intellectual level of the local people with a feeble internet connection and no knowledge of this Alien called Bitcoin leaves them sulking. Furthermore, worsening the situation President refuses to spend time rectifying his infrastructure. However, it declares itself Worldwide, attracting the other countries by showing the matching dance steps to the World.

The United States

President Biden is playing love and hate by plucking on a cabbage

President Biden stands confused with a cabbage roll ahead of the Los Angeles summit. He doesn’t want to invite everyone as he is frightened of causing unexpected heart attacks in the attendees. His wise advisors have suggested he should not fear expressing his thoughts freely as they will have a brigade of an ambulance called ahead to the venue.


The population of Qatar suffers from Amnesia

The Qataris are confused between Religion and Truth. Chronicle has consistently weighed down the truth in front of faith. Religion is like a” touch me not flower”; the more you stir it, the more you go bruised with thorns & horns of unwanted people.

A High Tech Woman is Crafting The World with her Political Humor Satirical Imagery Strings

Diya Saini, the owner and editor of “The Wicked Humor Monopolize Publication.” She vows to light Humor down a new road through its publication which she has set up.

She erroneously went to publish several books on Amazon’s Kindle platform. In the end, she shattered the ice sheet into several pieces with her last book.

The Laugh on the Skipping Skating Samurai Rope

Later, Diya Saini pocketed uncalled surprise disco light in a dedicated article published for her.