The Power Of Physical Therapy For Alleviating Back Pain

The Power Of Physical Therapy For Alleviating Back Pain

Back pain has become a common problem in today’s age and time. If you are suffering from it, this blog is for you. It will show you how physical therapy can relieve your long-term back pain and prevent its recurrence. 

With back pain, even the slightest activity can become torturous. Only medications and other conservative home treatments often do not relieve back pain. That’s where PhysioWorks comes in. We facilitate your back pain treatment so that you can go back to doing activities you love the most. 

Some back pain sufferers may feel they must undergo a strategy for instant back pain relief. However, please go through this blog before seriously considering surgery. Medications will not treat the root cause of your back pain. Physical therapy will be a boon for permanent back pain relief

Please read on to learn how physical therapy treatment can help you get back pain relief.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a theoretical and scientific base clinical application that restores and maintains optimal physical function. It includes – 

  • Exercises 
  • Active and passive movements
  • Therapeutic Massage 
  • Heat, cold, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound

Above mentioned approaches treat acute and chronic symptoms and also prevent future problems. Our physical therapist will suggest back pain treatment based on your symptoms and specific situation. Also, your preferences, physical fitness, and health goals will be deciding factors for your treatment plan.

At PhysioWorks, we aim to relieve back pain and strengthen your weakened muscles. Another important goal is to educate you so you can follow it from the comfort of your home.

How Does It Treat My Back Pain?

Physical therapy combines other forms of treatment to provide you with long-term back pain relief. It improves your posture and mobility and strengthens your overall health. 

Our physical therapist will find the root cause of your pain and diagnose your condition. We formulate a treatment plan with exercises to help alleviate your back pain and related areas that are riddlers with discomfort. 

Your personalized treatment plan incorporates the best methods for providing back pain relief, facilitating your healing process, and restoring the movement of the affected areas of your back.

What Kinds Of Physical Therapy Exercises Are Included In My Treatment Plan?

  • Core-Strengthening Exercises

Your body’s core includes:

  • The stomach muscles.
  • The spinal and buttock muscles.
  • The bottom of the lungs and diaphragm.
  • The muscles of the pelvis and hip.

If these areas are weak, they will not distribute weight evenly throughout the spine and into the legs. As a result, you will have back pain. 

Core-strengthening exercises can help you build endurance, significantly reducing pain and improving functionality in the back. 

Our physical therapists plan easy core-performing exercises to relieve back pain, including pelvic tilt, cat-cow pose, bird dog, high and low plants, crutches, and Swiss ball exercises. 

  • Lumbar Stabilization Exercises 

Your stones need strong hips and legs to support the lower body. Weak muscles in the hips and legs can cause severe pain in the back. Stretching exercises, such as the iliopsoas and hamstrings, activate and strengthen these muscles. It helps you walk, bend and twist effortlessly. It improves coordination between the hip and spine. 

If you are new to back pain treatment, our team will begin with exercises related to lower back pain, such as downward dogs, squats, or planks. 

  • Aerobic Exercise 

Aerobic exercises help you maintain a healthy heart and heal the spinal muscles. Cardiovascular exercises synchronize movement in the body, which increases the heart rate. Hence, it will improve your blood circulation, oxygen content, and tissue energy. Aerobic exercises will make spinal muscles flexible and more mobile. 

Aerobic exercises for back pain relief include brisk walking or stationary biking. You can also do low-pressure aquatic activities. Water sports support your body’s weight and reduce stress on the spine, resulting in a more excellent range of motion. 

  • Postural Training 

A good posture minimizes strains on your body and maintains a healthy balance of your back muscles. An incorrect posture minimizes spinal movement, resulting in chronic back pain.

Our posture correction exercises aim to strengthen your back, abdominal muscles, and kinetic chain, which help stabilize your spine. Some common posture correction exercises include calf stretching, pelvic tilts, and abdominal strengthening exercises.

What Are The Advantages Of Physical Therapy For Back Pain?

  • Customized Treatment 

At PhysioWorks, our skilled physical therapist can provide the right treatment plan for back pain relief. Before developing a personalized back pain treatment, we evaluate your medical history and existing condition. You may also undergo an imaging test to determine the cause of your back pain. The personalized approach provides more effective training.

  • Restores Mobility 

When your muscles are injured, it can cause a problem with mobility, flexibility, and strength. If you do not treat it with proper exercise, it can affect your range of motion permanently. Your treatment plan relieves back pain and focuses on pain associated with other injuries or pain. Physical therapy will restore muscles to their original range of motion. It also helps reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, and muscle tension. 

  • Reduces The Need For Surgery 

There is a common belief that certain kinds of back pain require surgery, such as herniated discs, degenerative discs, spinal misalignment, or poor posture. However, it is not entirely true. All these ailments can be effectively treated with physical therapy. 

Surgery should be your last option. We strongly recommend you begin with physical therapy as it is one of the most proactive and natural solutions to back pain relief

If you have already undergone surgery, physical therapy can help you regain strength, promote natural healing, and fasten your recovery. 

  • Prevent Future Injuries

If you need to do repetitive movements due to your job or sports activity, we will consider your routine exercises and suggest a back pain treatment accordingly. We will ensure you do not have to undergo surgery due to your everyday movements. 


PhysioWorks’ physical therapy is a multi-dimensional program focusing on education, training, flexibility, strength, and endurance. We help you through safe and natural back pain treatment. Our physical therapist designs a program suitable for your needs and limitations. If you are experiencing acute or chronic back pain, please schedule an appointment with us. You can also call us at (253)-264-0093 or (360) 583-4539 to talk to our expert.