The Power of Decluttering Your Home in Melbourne

Whenever we go back home, we want it to be a sanctuary for us. A place to relax and unwind. But, many people found that their house is too messy to be a relaxing refuge.

You may be one of them. It is hard to let go of our things, true, but it is unhealthy in the long run. In this article, you will realise the benefits of decluttering and how to start doing it.

We’ll also share some tips to make decluttering easier, including hiring a professional decluttering service.

Let’s declutter away!

Decluttering is Hard, Here Is Why

It’s no secret that organising is not everyone’s favourite pastime. In fact, a lot of people hate it to the point of unruly clutter.

But it is not simply hatred for organising that makes decluttering hard. There are three reasons most people find hindered them from decluttering, which are;

●      It Is Hard to Let Go of Things

We all have sentimental attachments to our things. It is a universal experience, and letting go of things that used to mean so much to us is hard. Hence, many people choose to just cram all those things in their houses.

●      You Are Overwhelmed

When you are faced with a huge amount of stuff and have to make decisions for all of them, you will be overwhelmed. Even Superman would be.

So, you just stand there staring at your things without knowing where to start. Eventually, you give up and procrastinate for another day.

●      Busy Schedule, No Time

You are a busy worker or a full-time stay-at-home parent. Or you are a student, juggling study and a part-time job. Of course, you are busy and have barely any time for yourself.

How can you declutter when you don’t even have enough time to spend at home?

Benefits of Decluttering

As hard and time-consuming decluttering can be, it is very beneficial to your overall health and productivity. Those benefits are;

●      Increase Focus and Productivity

Without any clutter obstructing your view, you are less likely to get sidetracked by them. That way, you will be way more productive than you were.

●      You Will Feel More in Control of Your Moods

Ever feel like everything is out of your control? Like, everything goes wrong so easily. This might be the result of clutter. When you stay more organised, you’ll likely feel this way as much.

●      Reduce Stress and Anxiety

You shouldn’t be stressing about your space. Sure, decluttering cannot eliminate all your anxieties, but it can help you have at least a neat house to rely on.

●      Improved Physical Health

When you are doing a decluttering session, you sure will be lugging around your things, packing, sorting, and boxing. This is nice physical activity for you, especially if you are always working and sitting all week.

By doing this, you can keep your physical health in top shape.

5 Tips to Make Decluttering Easier for You

1.     Baby Steps

Start with a manageable load. If you go straight into it like a freight train, you will be overwhelmed after only a short time.

To make it easier, start with an area that you are confident you can manage. Yes, it might be just the small area near your cupboard, but the accomplishment you get from it will fuel you further.

2.     Plan, Plan, Plan

Everything in life is planned, including decluttering. If you have limited time to yourself, make sure to dedicate a chunk of time to decluttering. Not much, maybe around half an hour for one small area.

That way, you make it more manageable by yourself and setting realistic standards.

3.     Sort Your Things Into a Logical System

The easiest way to sort them is to put them into boxes. All your things can be categorised into three, which is keep, donate/throw away, and store. Look at this like your present, past, and future box.

Keep all the things you need, then donate/throw away the ones you don’t use anymore. Lastly, store all that you’ll need in the future.

To avoid more clutter accumulating, store the ‘future’ boxes in storage containers for onsite storage, where you can keep the boxes separate from the main house but still have constant access to them.

4.     Make it A Social Event

As hard and dull as decluttering is, you can make it fun with the right people to help you. Recruit family members, friends, or partners to enjoy this together. Not only do you manage to make it fun, but you also ease the weight on your shoulders with the help.

So, play music, eat snacks, and enjoy yourselves!

5.     Hire a Professional Decluttering Service

If you have followed all the tips above and still feel like you are not doing an optimal job, you can hire a professional decluttering service. They will take the weight off your shoulders, especially if your schedule is full.

Professional declutterers are swift and efficient. They will pack and sort your things without you having to be there at all times. So, you can focus on other things while they work.

Plus, they have a variety of services, such as;

  • Declutter, Pack, Remove, which is a service where they declutter, sort your things, pack them, and throw out what you don’t need.
  • Loading and Store, where you declutter your stuff and they help you store them in a secure storage facility. Then, they will deliver the unit back when you need it.
  • Self-storage service, where you declutter and rent a storage unit to keep your things temporarily.

Key Takeaways

Decluttering can be hard, and not all people have the time and will to do that. However, by doing it in small steps and creating manageable tasks, decluttering can be an activity you enjoy.

Moreover, decluttering has many benefits to both your mental and physical health. By reducing the clutter you have, you can be more productive, fit, and less stressed.

However, if you ever feel too overwhelmed or don’t have enough time, you can hire a professional decluttering service. They will help you save time and make your home neat enough to relax in.

So, let’s declutter away and be the better version of ourselves!