The Positive Traits Of Testosterone Steroids

Testosterone Undecanoate in its oral form was developed in the 1970s. Later after a few years of doing so much research, it was found that the steroid can be given as an injection, intramuscularly in the 2000s. The main objective of the medication is to improve the testosterone levels and medically the drug is being employed as a method of improving the Testosterone levels in males suffering from Testosterone deficiency and the steroid is also being used as androgen replacement therapy in transgender males. The steroid is prominent in the athletic industry and is mostly used for Cutting and Bulking cycles and not for performance-enhancing as the cycles are longer and takes time for acting. For the Cutting and Bulking cycles the dope can help in burning fat and attaining lean muscular mass. The additional advantage of testosterone undecanoate includes ; 

improved retention of nitrogen, reinforced synthesis of protein, supplemented production of IGF-1, elevated levels of glucocorticoids, and boosted red blood cell count and can help in the delivery of more amount of oxygen and nutrients to various body parts and deliberately aiding the athletes from recouping from the injuries to the muscle caused due to heavy workouts.  

The side effects which commonly takes place while consuming Testosterone Undecanoate includes ; 

The evidence of masculinization commonly leads to acne, transformation in voice, hair growth at an increased rate, enhanced sexual desire, elevated liver enzymes, hypertriglyceridemia, etc. 

Testosterone Cypionate

Chemical Formula; C27H40O3

Testosterone Cypionate is also known as Cypionax. It has very high bioavailability when taken intramuscularly and very low bioavailability when taken orally. The Elimination Half-Life is 8 days. The dope comes under the classification of an Anabolic and Androgenic stroud and an Androgen ester. The other names include; TC, TCPP, Testosterone cyclopentanepropionate, Testosterone cyclopentylcipionate, etc. It is known under the trade name Depo-Testosterone. The route of administration of the medication is through Intramuscular Injection. 

Cypionate Testosterone Cypionate was launched in 1951 and the same year it was approved for its medicinal usage. Medically, Testosterone Cypionate has been used as an Androgen Replacement Therapy and has been taken as a medication in individuals who are suffering from Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism. The other conditions where Testosterone Cypionate is being taken as a medication includes;  osteoporosis; oligospermia; breast Cancer; delayed puberty in boys;

breast disorders and organ replacement therapy in the trendy male. The other fundamental advantage while taking the medication includes the steroid can help in increasing the sex drive and provide an ecstatic mood resulting in more vitality and drive with increased focus and mental clearness. Increased body and facial hair growth are some of the traits. In the bodybuilding industry, the steroid is famous for its traits in the Bulking cycle and it is also used for stacking. The studies suggest that Testosterone Cypionate can boost protein synthesis and lead to the building up of lean muscle mass. It helps in burning excess fat from the body as it can quell estrogen. The drug is primarily used for physique enhancing and performance improvement purposes as the steroid can boost the stamina in  individuals. 

The disadvantages include; acne, voice changes, minced hair growth, bolstered sexual desire. While the higher dosage of the drug can result in severe side effects like heart attacks, augmentation of the prostate gland, and malfunction of the liver. Since the medication is capable of forming estrogen it can lead to gynecomastia. 

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