The poooli pocket printer that you must buy does not need ink!

There are many occasions in which we all like to have our photos printed, either because they are important to us, or because they symbolize moments that we want to have at our fingertips to remember. However, even if we have a great printer, it is true that sometimes it seems that it is difficult to do it.

And this is where pocket printers come in, which have a small size, ideal for printing our photos and other documents, but without having to invest a fortune for it. And today we are going to talk to you about the inkless Poooli printer, a good, nice and cheap model that, in addition, does not need ink, let’s take a look at it!

The pocket printer that does not need ink to work

One of the most tedious things when using a conventional printer is the maintenance that must be done on them. And despite the fact that these pocket printers are not comparable to those of conventional size, it is true that if you want to give it occasional use and focus on photographs, a pocket printer is the best option. For its value for money, it can be well worth it.

The first thing you should know is that inkless pocket printer does not use ink, but uses ZINK Zero Ink technology to print photos without the need for cartridges, and this, first of all, will save you money when printing your photographs.

This printer connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, and from this, using the app, you can send photos or even notes to be printed.

Inkless pocket printer supports multiple users at the same time, does not require Wi-Fi or ink cartridges, and is quite easy to use, ideal to take on trips or to meet up with your group of friends. Although, yes, as you can imagine, it does require paper to work. 

But do not worry, since the parts of this one are changed very easily, and you will be able to buy parts at a most competent price. Its battery is 500 mah, and you can charge it to use it wirelessly wherever you want.

Personally, I consider this printer to be one of the best purchases you can make, since it will make you immortalize your memories whenever you want, in a comfortable, simple way, and without having to transfer your photos to the computer to print them from there. In addition, you will only need paper and photos from your mobile to put it to work.