The Pomeranian Appearance and Character. Must Read Before Buying One

The Pomeranian is the smallest version of the Spitz. if you want to know more about Pomeranians go to myfirstpomeranian. The Pomeranian impresses with its beautiful fur that protrudes on all sides due to the abundant undercoat. The Pomeranian can be seen with orange, brown, cream, white, black or Gray fur. Various colour mixtures of orange-sable, cream-sable, black-and-tan, or piebald are desired for the Pomeranian.

Particularly noticeable are the strong, mane-like collar around the neck and the bushy, hairy tail that is carried over the back. The fox-like head with the dark eyes and the pointed little ears give the Pomeranian its own characteristic appearance.

The height at the withers of the small dog is from 18 to 22 cm. The little Pomeranian weighs a maximum of 3.5 kg.

In summary, the Pomeranian has this appearance:

  • A very small dog
  • With a lot of fur
  • Fox-like face
  • A flyweight 

A small whirlwind with great devotion:

The Pomeranian is a suspicious dog and therefore prone to yapping. The lively Pomeranian may be small but has a large ego. He confidently marches through the world with small triple steps. The little pom has great fun learning tricks or taking part in sporty dog ​​activities such as dog dance, depending on his size.

The Pomeranian is a very people-oriented dog who has difficulty being alone. It is therefore advisable to practice solitude with the Pomeranian at an early stage. In general, education is an important topic for the self-confident Pomeranian. His ancestor, the Spitz, was bred as a guard dog, so there is little or no hunting predisposition in the Pomeranian either.

In summary, the character of the Pomeranian …

  • Lively
  • Confident
  • Docile
  • People related
  • Watchful
  • Without hunting instinct

Does the Pomeranian suit me?

Alone is not for the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is not a dog to get if you must leave him alone for long periods of time. As a very people-oriented dog, the Pomeranian is unhappy when it is not with its human. Working people who would have to hand over the dog during the day or even leave it alone should refrain from buying a Pomeranian. When using the Pomeranian as an office dog, you should have attended anti-gape training beforehand.

Otherwise, it can be very annoying for colleagues. As a family dog ​​in a household with very young children, you must be careful with the Pomeranian. With clumsy handling of the pom, it can snap shut. The Pomeranian loves to go for a walk with his human. But he is not suitable as a jogging partner. The Pomeranian loves to be active and busy with his people well into old age.

Grooming should be on the Pomeranian’s daily to-do list. The fur is not particularly difficult to care for, but dirt, leaves and small twigs can easily get caught in the fur. For people who are getting a dog for the first time, the myfirstpomeranian is quite suitable. Whether country dog ​​or city dog ​​- the Pom doesn’t care where he lives, the main thing is that his person is with him.

Many dog ​​schools and dog trainers offer purchase advice before buying a dog. Dog professionals help to find the right breed of dog for the specific living conditions of a person or a family. You should accept this offer in your own interest and in the interest of your future dog.

In summary, the Pomeranian suits me if …

  • People-related
  • Not suitable for families with small children
  • Grooming on the daily to-do list
  • Suitable as a first dog
  • City suitable

Active well into old age