The Perks Of Moving To An Assisted Living Facility For A Senior

Assisted living facilities have so much to offer to seniors to simplify their lives and promote their health. If you think that your senior parent needs more support than they can get at home, moving them to the assisted living community is a viable option. Many seniors over 65 years require special assistance to get through their daily activities.

Although moving to assisted living facilities sometimes feels overwhelming, these facilities are perfect for seniors who love their independence, such as Airdrie seniors housing, yet require special assistance in daily activities. Here are the several benefits of moving to an assisted living facility for a senior along with plenty of assisted living options for seniors.

Individualized special care

Assisted living facilities emphasize personal care depending on an individual’s health needs, experiences, and preferences. Staff who provide the care in assisted living facilities take the time to familiarize themselves with the seniors to make them feel at home, understand their needs and offer them care depending on their personal needs. That may include mood and behavior monitoring, round-the-clock nursing care, medication administration, and providing a suitable environment for the resident to achieve better health.

Assistance with daily activities

Depending on their age, a senior may require hands-on assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, laundry, transportation, housekeeping, etc. The level of independence may vary from an individual to another. In assisted living facilities, the staff are trained on providing hands-on assistance with dignity and utmost respect to help the seniors get through daily activities. Whether it’s walking support or any other kind of support related to memory loss or weak muscles, assisted living communities staff are trained to offer such assistance.

Safety and security

If your senior parent is living alone, it is better to move them to an assisted living facility where they will be much safer and secure. If you constantly worry about them cooking alone or driving, assisted living communities provide a solution to that. These facilities have emergency preparedness in place and are designed to accommodate seniors. Many of the houses in assisted living Calgary facilities have security and safety features to alert responsive care, especially for residents with memory loss. The designs of the houses are also senior-friendly to prevent slips and falls.

Access to healthcare services

If your senior parent suffers from chronic illnesses, they may need nursing care and monitoring all around the clock. Assisted living facilities provide healthcare services on-site that integrate a well-aging model to cater to the resident’s physical, psychological, and overall well-being. What makes it better is that it is accessible in the living community, so they do not have to go outside for treatment. It complements the healthcare treatment the senior is already receiving to provide comprehensive attention to their health needs.

Connecting and engaging with peers

Assisted living facilities integrate social activities and clubs to keep seniors engaged and socializing. From sports clubs, book clubs, DIY activities, social activities, gardening, art therapy, weekly socials, and other activities that boost socialization. The residents connect, build friendships, meet their wellness objectives, and nature their interests.


An ideal assisted living facility is calming and relaxing while providing outdoor settings and communal areas to help seniors feel at home. The residents have similar amenities to what they had at home; therefore, it is a home-like setting.