The Perfect Scenarios for The Use of Illustrations

In the world of design, the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words simply fits perfectly. Designers create visual representations of real-life objects, animals, people and places on an everyday basis. While sometimes they use photographs, on certain occasions they consider illustrations to be the best choice. Now, you must be wondering in what scenarios custom illustrations are used by designers. Well, you can read on to find that out-

To represent the abstract effortlessly-

Text alone can tell a lot of stories and narrate a sea full of ideas. Words have a lot of power, after all! But unless and until stories in books are accompanied with visual representations, readers won’t get a feel of what they are reading. The more complicated or abstract an idea is, the more important it becomes to support it with illustrations.

In today’s world, illustrations for hire have simply become an inseparable part of written text. Just imagine a word document that suddenly becomes more meaningful and organized with the use of numbers, bullet points or ordinary tick marks.

Something as complicated and abstract as the structure of the solar system can easily be made understandable with the use of illustrations. With proper illustrations, people won’t just be able to see how the outer world looks, but also learn about the specifics of the planets and stars.

To use for subjects that photographs can’t capture-

Projects that generally involve futuristic characters or concepts, make use of illustrations. Doing this with photographs might be entirely impossible. And even when it is possible, it involves an eye-popping budget.

Let’s take another example here to understand the importance of illustrations. So, there is a festival going to take place in a city. And the city people basically have no idea about it and want to know.

Now, the festival organizers contact an illustrator and tell them what the festival is going to be like and give other details linked to the project. The illustrator now tries to look at the festival to be organized through the organizers’ eyes and comes up with something really close.

Since this is a one-of-a-kind festival so people cannot visualize it. The illustration created by the illustrator will help all these people visualize the event and decide on whether or not to attend it. Such is the power of illustrations. And in situations like these, photography simply can’t help.

To narrate stories-

All the stories that you have read in storybooks over the years have one thing in common- they all have illustrations in them. Well, almost! With illustrations, it’s not just the characters that we acquaint ourselves with but also their journeys. Since illustrations make stories more impactful, they are considered a necessity in children’s storybooks and academic books.

These are the three most important scenarios in which illustrations are used. There are numerous illustration styles out there using which artists create illustrations for the above-mentioned purposes. If you have an interest in illustrations or love to know about them, then the information above will definitely enrich your repository of knowledge.