What makes a good resume? The period of education? The quality of education? The number of places and roles one has filled? The best way to find out would be through a free resume review. Many folks submit resumes that make them seem unserious about the job, and therefore unworthy to fill the roles they are looking for. A large percentage of these people do not even know this, and would keep sending their lacklustre resume to worn-out recruiters who have been through the same banal tedious pages before. With the right amount of work, and a resume reviewer on hand, one can change the story around, and learn to project an image through resumes that would only serve to bring recruiters goosebumps in anticipation of interviewing you.

Before hiring a resume reviewer, it is prudent to work on your resume and tweak it a bit so that when the reviewer puts in their own work, the outcome would be a sublime work of art. This serves not just the reviewer by making their job easier, but also you, as you gain more and more experience with marketing yourself.

Things to do before having your resume reviewed 

  • Change your career objective

Nothing screams “banal” like a terrible caterer objective. This is usually the first part of the resume and would decide (at least on a subconscious level) if the recruiter is going to take the entire resume seriously or not. The career objective should not be generic, but eye-catching

  • Do not add a photo. A photograph of yourself on your resume is very unnecessary. It signals a fixation with trivialities and can harm a candidate in the long run. Unless you are applying for a post where your looks matter (e.g. modelling or acting), there really is no need for it
  • Limit your usage of buzzwords. Recruiters see these words everyday and repetition puts you in the same league with every Tom, Dick and Harry that applies for that post. Words like “punctual”, “diligent”, and so on should rarely be used and even if they are, only very sparingly
  • Do away with graphics, logos and the like. They are a good way to enrapture the human recruiter but could prove detrimental to you if the resume is going to be run through an ATS system. If you are applying for a resume online, it is best to stick to very simple designs that the bot can read
  • If you are adding a link to your resume, it should be your LinkedIn profile. Links to other social media are not necessary
  • Incongruous formatting is a sin. It makes your resume look rushed and serves to stack the odds against you. It places the tag of a sloppy person on you and nobody wants to hire such an individual
  • Your life story is not necessary. You are not relating anecdotes to your friends or trying to garner empathy. You are looking for a job and the resume should be concise and 100% professional.


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