The Perfect Match for Your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

A skilled nursing facility is required to be in compliance with the requirements in 42 CFR Part 483, Subpart B, in order to get the payment under the Medicare or Medicaid programs. 

In a skilled nursing facility, the CMS in fact is the one who has a strong inclination for submitting quality data prior to the deadline to ensure the data are comprehensive and reliable; which requires great communication and expertise. Furthermore, handling patient care and managing many aspects of skilled nursing facility billing like consolidated billing, Medicare coverage conditions, Prospective Payment System (PPS), etc in fact is another challenge faced that often complicates the billing process. 

 Being one of a complicated billing area, a skilled nursing facility however has a lot of rules and regulations to follow and take care of which is often missed by in-house staff due to excessive administrative pressure resulting in claims rejection and denial. 

This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc an excellent RCM solution is here to ensures that healthcare practices, hospitals, clinics etc no longer have to face billing challenges that result in delayed or loss reimbursement.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: the powerhouse of skilled nursing facility billing:

With a complete understanding of the process knowledge and present billing mandates, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the leading RCM solutions that had a complete awareness of the revenue cycle needs of providers. 

Being a complete HIPAA compliance with proper securing of patient data etc, our experts take care of the complete pre and post-skilled nursing home billing with real-time and continuous follow-up and seamless communication standards that help the billing process ensuring a better cash flow. 

Eliminating your extra charges, and reducing your operational cost by 80 %, our experts further maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, reducing your chances of rejection in case of claims. Delivering a better billing operation and a faster reimbursement, our expert solution today is known for closing all the billing gaps efficiently in no time.

Working with leading skilled nursing home and hospitals for more than 10 years has further made us excel in securing:

  • Highest collection rate
  • Reducing your AR bucket by 30 %
  • No cost dedicated account manager

So, why wait when you can improve or get a better billing solution in no time that too at a cost-effective rate. Try us out and see how we can completely change your skilled nursing facility billing with a better financial upliftment.