The Perfect Carpet Styles for Every Room in the Home

Looking to refit your commercial/rental property with some new and upgraded carpeting, and wondering which will be the most long-lasting and durable? Perhaps you’re simply wanting to freshen up your own living space, and want something plush and cosy?

With help from Carpet Warehouse, we’ve put together this short guide, going over the perfect carpet styles for different rooms in the home. Scroll down to get started!


To start with, main bedroom areas are the ones that tend to receive the best carpet upgrades. This is due to their smaller size when compared to some of the other rooms in the home, as well as the fact that people want a relaxing and high-end finish.

Want to achieve a luxurious in your bedroom? For a soft, premium carpet that you can sink your toes into, saxony carpets are often the best choice. This carpet type offers elegant shifting colour tones and a dense, comfortable pile.

Looking to refit a spare bedroom? For lesser used areas of the home, a more affordable choice is often a good choice, given that they won’t be used as intensively.

Living Room

Looking to refit a busy family home? If little ones like to run around and play in the living room, you might want to opt for something a little more resilient and durable. Classic twist pile carpets provide somewhat of a happy medium between saxony and loop styles, able to bounce back into action after use and still retaining a plush, soft feel underfoot.

Hallways & Stairs

High traffic areas of the home that receive the most footfall over time, hallways and stairs require carpets and flooring styles that are at the more resilient end of the spectrum. A resilient twist pile carpet might be a good choice if you’re wanting to keep a consistent style throughout the entire home, or a long-lasting loop pile might be a great option in a rental property or commercial premises.

Dining Room

Kitchen and dining room areas in the home are some of the most practically used on a day-to-day basis, and so share similar requirements to stairs and hallway areas. Particularly in family homes where spillages are more prone, stain-resistant carpet materials are recommended.

Affordable roll vinyl flooring can also be a fantastic alternative, available in a huge number of different colours and styles. Durable and wipe-clean, it’s a modern solution that many opt for in these sorts of practical home areas.

Colour and Materials

If you’re a landlord looking to fit a rental property with long-lasting, low-maintenance carpet, colour is also an important factor to consider. As anyone who has had a new cream carpet installed will attest, stains and marks can appear no matter how many times you tell guests to take their shoes off at the door, and even after a carpet has been cleaned, some marks and stains can remain.

For this reason, darker coloured carpets with a multi-tone pile are a great option. The loop pile carpets supplied by Carpet Warehouse, for instance, feature multi-toned fibres within their design, helping to hide marks left over time in high-use areas of the home.

In terms of the stains themselves, your carpet’s material and composition can also help or hinder how your floor looks in the long term. All carpets supplied by Carpet Warehouse are comprised of a modern, polypropylene material, with stain-resistant properties that are simple to clean and maintain.