The Peony Capital? No! The Peony Delivery!

When it comes to floral delivery in New York City and New Jersey, Sahola Flowers is always on top of every order, personally hand-delivering your orders with care and speed. And now that it’s the final leg of the Peony season– flower enthusiasts, well-wishers and romantics are rejoicing left and right for these fluffy, fragrant “Kings of Flowers”.

Here are just some of the things you may not know about these big blooms:

1. A Bride’s Favorite

Nothing will encapsulate well wishes and good fortune more than peonies for the wedding ceremony. Peonies are the perfect and most popular pick for brides as they symbolize luck and happiness.

2. They’re timeless

Peony flowers have been gracing the homes, door steps and hair of people for more than 4,000 years! With origins in rural China, they were brought to Europe in the 1800s and have been propagating and populating events and weddings alike for generations.

3. The Duchess’ Pick

Peonies are the favorites of actor, campaigner and Duchess of Sussex– Meghan Markle. She claimed on Instagram that Peonies make her “endlessly happy”.

4. Blink of an Eye

What makes the Peony season so special is the short blooming period. Generally known to last between April to mid June, they are a worthwhile investment considering their very short season. Don’t forget to save the date!

5. The Peony Capital is in China

If you’re looking for a regal peony garden experience, look no further than Luoyang, China. This city features more than 100 types of Peonies, even hosting its own Peony festival every year with millions of attendees.

6. It’s in the Color

Depending on their color, Peonie symbolisms range from love, to good fortune. White Peonies signifies bashfulness, and yellow exudes feelings of happiness

7. Peonies are here for a good time, not a long time

Peonies last for around 5 days only once they bloom, so we make sure to send our Peonies as buds so you can enjoy them for a longer time and in their best shape.

8. Take Your Pick

Aside from their rich history, there are also hundreds of varieties of Peonies. The plant itself can also live for hundreds of years!

9.Open Your Peony!

Here’s a fun tip: Gently massage the buds at the neck of the stem and place in a sunny spot for your Peonies to open up faster.

10. Magical Transformations

From golf balls to beautiful blowsy flowers, these flowers grow around 3 times the original bud size after blooming.

So if you’re looking for a flower shop to hone and curate the best of the Peony’s beauty– look no further than Sahola Flowers, offering same-day delivery to New York City and New Jersey for beautiful Peonies until mid June.