The Oriental Blend of the Oudh Perfume

Oudh perfume is an aromatic fragrance with origins in Middle East. It is a popular trademark for an Arabic perfume. Popularly referred to as an Arabian scent, the leading perfumes produced from this wood are the finest old perfumes. Usually made from the oak wood of woods, the old perfume finds itself readily in the world’s top ouds shops. Even in its most natural form, the Oudh retains the powerful smells of the woods it comes from.

The old perfumes of the world generally come in two categories: dry and waxy. The dry orchid is less oily and therefore more delicate and less expensive than its counterpart. The waxy orchid tends to be a bit stronger and hence more expensive. Both dry and waxy orchid perfumes contain a variety of ingredients, and their individual scents vary immensely. They are further subdivided into several groups depending on where the wood materials were obtained.

The leading arabesqueartistry perfumes include Oudh, which is produced from the Syrah tree that grows only in Southern France. This rare and exotic tree has long been used by the people of Southern France as an aphrodisiac. The scent of this perfume, however, is very musky, almost as deep and sexy as a man’s musk. Another favorite of the elite is No. 6, which is the very perfume that was first manufactured by an obscure London perfume house.

The perfume is also produced in a form that can be worn around the body, rather than being bottled in its original bottle. The fragrance for this type is called “ghutra”. The head dress itself is a long, simple gown (much like the ones worn by the royals and nobility in India and Tibet) that have a very long skirt, and a headdress made of a simple material, most often plain but richly embroidered, tied around the waist. This head dress makes a great costume for wearing with the ghutra perfume, or any other oudh perfumes.

Like all Oudh perfumes, this one is made from a very special type of wood, which cannot be found anywhere else. The name of the wood is called “Oudh Sutshekhar”. It is native to the Southern part of India and Nepal and has only recently spread all over the world. This powerful wood lends this perfume a truly unique scent: It has an earthy aroma, with a hint of saffron, and a light floral aroma. It is very popular for making perfumes, and it is available in small quantities, usually sold as a limited edition.

The scent of The Oudh Perfume reminds me of the Southern Indian summers, when the rice fields are covered with a light, greenish substance that smells sort of like freshly baked coconuts. A cool breeze gently stirs the fragrance around my nostrils as I lie in bed. It’s not the kind of scent that invokes passion, love, or even relaxation. It is the smell of fresh air on the skin, and the essence of something that is wholly peaceful.

The scent of The Oudh Perfume reminds me of a slightly darker, more exotic type of our fragrance, perhaps something prepared from exotic spices rather than the typical rice husks. In fact, the fragrance could almost be described as a mix between sandalwood and musk. This particular scent makes a wonderful accompaniment to the Scent of Eros and other sensual Indian perfumes by Farah Dahar. But in truth, The Oudh Perfume can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

At first sniff, The Oudh Perfume seems to have quite a strong oriental fragrance blended with a touch of sweetness. As the wearer walks through life, these notes will grow stronger. On the first spraying of the fragrance, The Oudh Perfume seems almost to dance on your skin, dancing its way across your senses and announcing its presence almost at once. It’s not as if the fragrance has some sort of exotic flowery fragrance that one needs to inhale in order to be approached. Rather, the notes are quite subtle and seem to float by themselves.