The one breast pump that simulates your baby’s tongue

The world’s first-ever breast pump with a tongue mechanism has finally arrived, and according to some experts, it’s a game-changer. The pump’s name is Annabella, and so far, the feedback says it’s “mind-blowing.” 

See Annabella’s tongue mechanism at work.

 “It’s a new standard of breast pumps,” says lactation consultant Alona Arbell. “Women who try this pump won’t go back to the old pumps. Women today need to demand this standard from every pump.” 

Arbell isn’t alone in her assessment. Just look online at the reels, YouTube videos, and reviews showering the Annabella pump with praise. “The pump feels a lot more pleasant like I’m nursing my baby,” says Jessica Katz, one of Annabella’s users, in a typical reaction. “And it pumps A LOT of milk. I was pumping so much; my baby was still drinking milk for two months after I stopped breastfeeding.”

The importance of the tongue 

Breast milk plays such a significant role in a baby’s health and development that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding babies until they’re two years old. Advice like this has prompted a significant increase in new moms’ attempts to get serious about breastfeeding.

But nature can work in tricky ways. The supply for most women lessens after they return to work – the body, when it doesn’t feel the baby and doesn’t have as much demand, starts producing less milk. The other pumps on the market work for some women but, according to key data, they’re a distinct minority.

A survey conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed that mothers have very negative feelings about their breast pumps. These women noted that their pumps created awkwardness, pain, and inconvenience. Many outright hated their pumps’ failure to do their one job: pump milk.

The old “vacuum” principle: not nearly as effective

Until Annabella, every breast pump in the world was based on the same principle: vacuum pulses, which only pull the nipple. The problem: a baby uses his or her tongue to squeeze milk out of the nipple, together with vacuum, then swallows. No pump anywhere can properly squeeze without using a tongue, and so the other pumps have tried (and tried) to compensate by simply strengthening the vacuum. But this has just made the experience unpleasant and ineffective. 

According to clinical trials, a tongue mechanism increases milk production. Our body feels the “real” thin, and our brain releases the hormones that produce milk.

Annabella uses soft silicone for the breast shield to ensure that the mother gets the same soft feeling to which she’s accustomed. It’s no surprise, then, that the feedback is so good.   

Annabella: How It All Started  

Seven years ago, Masha Waldberg gave birth to a daughter, Annabella. A young mom eager to do right for her baby, Masha bought all the pumps on the market. But she ended up hating all of them. At that point, Masha decided that something needed to change. And this is how Annabella—the pump—was born. 

Coming from a humble background, and with a new baby, Waldberg had no extra time or money. But she and her husband, Senia, took on the project because they saw its importance, and eventually, they managed to convince investors to invest millions of dollars into developing a new breast pump. After years of research and with the help of various experts in the field, Annabella became the first pump to replicate the baby’s suckling motion. 

Today, Annabella plans to create more products that empower women and improve their everyday lives. Keep following this growing company—more things are developing all the time. 

Summing Up the Annabella Pump

“If you’re thinking about trying a new breast pump, Annabella is the only choice,” say lactation consultants who have tried the pump and recommended it to their clients. In the words of consultant Alona Arbell: “Women need to demand this standard.”

So, here’s what you need to know about the Annabella pump: It’s quiet, easy to assemble and use, and it has a night light for night pumping. It’s also very pleasant – even those who dislike pumps say Annabella’s pump feels nice. And, as countless customers have noted, it pumps a lot of milk. 

One of Annabella’s slogans is: “It’s about time.” It really is.

To read more about the Annabella, here is the link to the website:

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