The Numerology Name Calculator

If you are looking for an online calculator and you are very curious to know what is hidden behind your name, you have come to the right place, here you will find the best numerology simulator that will allow you to know what number you are and the characteristics that are associated with the same.


If instead, you want to learn how to Numerology Name Calculator without the help of a calculator, we will also tell you everything you need to know and how to interpret the results, take a pen and paper and get ready to learn what they never told you about the hidden science of numbers.


How to calculate the numerology of your name?


Numerology maintains that the numerical value that corresponds to your name is capable of influencing some aspects of your personal and professional development.


Calculating such numbers based on the foundations of numerology can help you get to know yourself better, become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, as well as the talents you can exploit.


On the other hand, if you use these calculations also for your relatives and friends, you will acquire tools that will help you understand them better.


Step One: Assign numbers to the letters that make up your proper name


1. Write the alphabet from A to Z on a piece of paper in a horizontal line. For each of the 26 letters, write next to them the number that would apply, understanding that we are going to follow an alphabetical order and that A is one, that is, the first, B is two, and so on.


2. Stop there! It is not what it seems, this first step is to check that you have written the 26 letters and have not missed any, the number that we are going to give each of them is different, keep reading and I will explain how.


Now we are going to assign a number from one to nine to each letter of the alphabet. With a piece of paper, write the numbers from one to nine in an ascending line, then write the letter A next to the number one, the letter B next to the number two, the letter C next to the number 3, and so on.


After you have written the letter I next to the number 9, start again from the beginning, that is, the next letter, the J, write it again in the row of the number one, to the right of the letter A.


Follow this order, according to which the K will go with the number two, the letter L with the number three, etc. until you finish the alphabet.


3. Now write your full name, with one or two last names depending on your country.


If the official version of your name includes prefixes, suffixes, diminutives, etc. Include them exactly to get a correct estimate.


If you have legally changed your name, use your new name, since this is the one that currently identifies with you.


You can also use your nickname if you wish, but the result obtained may not be entirely accurate.


4. Find the correspondence between the letters that make up your name and the numbers that we have assigned before in the alphabet.


Now that you know what the numerical value of each letter is, you can write it below each one that makes up your name. If it has 12 letters write its corresponding 12 numbers.


Step two: add the numbers


This step we have explained to obtain the number of the personality, below we explain the variants to obtain the number of the soul and destiny.


1. Add all the numbers that have been attributed to the consonant letters that make up your name.


Use the calculator or simply paper and pencil, adding each individual figure obtained, provided it corresponds to a consonant letter.


The result will normally be a number made up of two digits, in rare cases, this number will have three digits, this can only happen if your name is very long.


2. Reduce the number of two figures to one of a single one, remember that numerology only considers results from one to nine.


After adding all the numbers that correspond to the letters that make up your full name, you will have obtained a two-digit result. To reduce it, add the two numbers that make it up.


In case it gives a number greater than 9, add them both again until you have only one; In case you get 14, the personality number will be 5.


This means that your personality number is seven.


3. Some numbers do not have to add them, they are called master numbers.


If the result of adding the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name is a number whose digits are all the same, it means that you have a master number.


Some examples of this result are for example 11, 22 or 33. They have the power to attribute some complexity and depth to you. To all these numbers peculiar characteristics are attributed.