The NFL Has Joined the Black Lives Matter Movement

Given the present state of the American entertainment business, it should come as no surprise that the NFL has openly changed its opinions and regulations regarding player protests and behavior. Free apps to watch NFL on Amazon Firestick are available for download and installation on Firestick through the Amazon app store. To watch NFL Network on Firestick, follow the instructions.

Last year, the NFL sided with its majority of fans and shareholders by forcing players to stand during National Anthem. However, all of that has shifted as the NFL has been under increased public scrutiny in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

The most recent accusations have linked Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem and following “taking a knee” to Floyd Mayweather’s arrest earlier this month and the knee placed on his neck.

Fans appear to be divided on the subject, discussing the league’s reaction to social networks and NFL fan forums. Following Roger Goodell’s announcement, there was a lot of discussion on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers forum, as well as many other places. pessimism, such as “This choice was made by bean counters with spreadsheets,” to optimism, such as “This decision was made by bean counters with spreadsheets.”

Others argue, “The list of QBs who’ve already signed contracts after he [Colin Kaepernick] was banned is evidence that it was truly a blacklisting,” while others claim, “The NFL crunched the arithmetic and concluded it would now be less bother to go with the flow.”

Following the backlash, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a speech that the league handled the kneeling matter incorrectly and that they’ve listened to players like Kaepernick. In addition, Goodell expressed his personal support for the Black Lives Matter campaign.

“I stand with you in your protest and want to be a part of the much-needed change in our country. “There would be no National Football League without black players,” Goodell remarked.

While the United States and its legislators debate the legitimacy of BLM’s claims of pervasive and structured racism, and even though African Americans now account for more than 70% of all NFL players, it appears that the NFL officially supports the efforts of Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist protesters across the country.

Mr. Goodell also indicated that protests should be nonviolent, perhaps in an attempt to appease both middle America and advertisers at the same time. They “urge everybody to speak out and calmly demonstrate,” he said in a video message.

Given that the vast majority of Americans favor the freedom to peacefully gather and protest, that scenario may provide him some leeway from more moderate commentators. Many of them have grown more alarmed about the violence and looting that has swept the country, arguing that it resembles city riots rather than rallies.

The NFL is really no new to controversies, however, with professional football’s popularity falling in recent years, they’ll want to tread carefully in the coming months. With the 2021 NFL tournament fast coming and fears about the Coronavirus still lingering in fans’ minds, this might be a difficult year for the league.Despite these controversies, the passion for the game remains strong among fans, and many are eagerly anticipating securing their Super Bowl tickets at TicketSmarter to be part of the most awaited event of the season.

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