The Next Big Thing in UX Writing

It is not so long ago that the content intended for digital interfaces was neglected or governed only by the laws of natural referencing. Whether it was not paying close attention to it or racking up an extravagant number of keywords to get spotted by search engines, it was rare to think directly of users. Today, UX Writing is slowly pointing the tip of its nose across the Atlantic in an attempt to remedy these weaknesses by constituting a turnaround in the world of digital writing, and, good news, it wouldn’t upset anyone, not even Google!

An overview of what UX Writing can counter: “keyword stuffing” or keyword stuffing, which is found on many digital platforms.


The User In The Foreground

The main ambition of this discipline is therefore to reverse the trend by directing the creation of editorial content towards the user of a platform. It aims to improve and simplify its experience together with the design of its interface. Thus, UX Writing will make it possible to clarify, reduce and make useful all textual information. Goodbye to doubts thanks to maximum optimization of words in order to best correspond to the user, who will be less inclined to leave his navigation because he is guided towards his intentions. To do this, the key words of the writing process are: knowledge of your target, empathy, removal of jargon and turns of phrase that may be misleading, harmonization, and finally, testing. Everything takes place within its entire journey (CTA, notifications, forms, menus,

Here, we notice the ambiguity that the words “Sign in” and “Sign up” can create for non-English speaking Internet users who do not easily differentiate. This problem can be solved by using synonyms such as “Register” and “Create an account”.

We immediately see that the use of the right words completely changes the user experience during a search error.


A Brand That Speaks To You

Directing the texts of its platforms towards its users also means contributing to the development of its brand and its success. By guiding and preserving customer satisfaction, UX Writing serves marketing issues and allows the companies that use it to stand out significantly. First, in the event that an editorial line is defined, it is part of its continuity and contributes to a homogeneous discourse, reinforcing the confidence, attachment and memory of the brand by its users, who immediately identify its rules. Communication. The tone adopted according to the situation and the manner of approaching it will also participate. It is also a way of standing out and being noticed by your choices. So,

Apple’s website is a great example of successful UX Writing benefiting a brand. It includes, among other things, the position taken in the communication adopted and the respect of the editorial line.

Here are some possible nuances in the choice of wording for a connection CTA according to the target targeted by a brand (hence the importance of establishing personas that will determine the most suitable).


The Era Of SXO

Beyond the comfort of the user and its benefits in terms of marketing, the practice also has the advantage of favoring the referencing of digital platforms thanks to a new trend shared by search engines: SXO (Search Experience Optimization), marriage of SEO (natural referencing) and UX Writing. It comes from the desire of the latter, especially Google, to move from search engine to response engine. Thus, the objective to stand out in the face of increased competition is no longer simply to optimize its content by using relevant titles made up of targeted key phrases or to add a few links from popular external platforms; now, it is absolutely necessary to take into account what the user is looking for and approach it with proximity and transparency. The challenge, in addition to presenting a qualitative UX, is therefore to make reliable, adapted and optimized remarks, of which UX Writing has all the characteristics.

This is why UX Writing tends to become a real necessity in a highly saturated digital universe losing relevance for its users. In addition to bringing them back to the heart of its concerns, it constitutes a significant additional opportunity for satisfaction and therefore conversion, but also, an additional pillar of a brand’s image.

As this discipline is more and more widespread and relayed by search engines, it will undoubtedly become the norm in a few years, and today represents an effective and innovative way to stand out against its competitors, and more generally. , a real added value.

It would be a shame to do without it, wouldn’t it?  Do not hesitate any longer, at the Studio, our mobile app developers in California will be happy to assist you in improving your user-oriented content with our new UX Writing offer.

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