The Next Best Buy: 5 Types of Mattresses that Give the Best Health Benefits

“Health is Wealth” it’s a cliche, but it’s essentially true. Especially nowadays, you could say that one of the greatest assets a person has is good health, perfect and uncompromised health. But achieving this kind of health is a luxury for some.

Good health is a product of multiple factors; discipline, diet, genetics, environment, lifestyle, and many more. You can control most of them, but some are not. For example, you can control your lifestyle by doing healthy activities or using health-valuable gadgets in your daily activities and routines. Among this equipment is your mattress. You may not know, but mattresses contribute a lot to your health and well-being. So what are the health benefits, and what are these types of mattresses?

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foams are one of the best mattresses you can have. This mattress is organic and made from natural material; it has very minimal artificial additives used in its manufacture. And therefore, fewer artificial chemicals means fewer allergies that you will experience.

Aside from the absence of chemical allergens, latex foam is also mold resistant. For sensitive people, exposure to molds will lead to symptoms like stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and skin irritation. Thus using latex foam will prevent you from contracting all these allergies. Also, this type of foam will protect you from experiencing asthma attacks and other triggering reactions.

Latex foam is also dust and mite-resistant. Unfortunately, mites irritate your skin, and this will eventually progress to skin rashes, inflammation, and skin blisters. Thus to avoid them all, choose the latex mattress on your next purchase.

Orthopedic Mattress

From its name, you can tell outright that the mattress has enormous relevance to health. But, of course, the very reason it is named an orthopedic mattress is the orthopedic support it will give to your body. But outside of it, this mattress comes with more health benefits than you think:

  • It helps relieve body pain – an orthopedic mattress is designed to support the contour of your spine and body when sleeping. This contouring support generally prevents or reduces pressures that cause pain and discomfort. And this pain progresses that will eventually cause you health issues. Using this type of mattress avoids preventable pains you will get in using a bed inappropriate to your body contour.
  • Faster healing for fractures – Constant movement can increase the recovery time for patients that have fractures and injuries. The right firmness of this bed gives a very comfortable sleeping position while minimizing or even preventing any unnecessary movements. Patients will not sink and will not bulge inside therefore preventing misalignments and further injuries.

Mattress for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, make sure that you will purchase and use this type of mattress. Using this type of mattress gives you significant health benefits like improved breathing, reduced back pain, and better digestion. 

Since side sleepers usually experience shoulder pain, using a mattress for side sleepers gives supported comfort and pressure relief. In addition, its unique cushioning feature is proven effective, adapting to various weight groups even if you’re on the heavier side. So if you have health challenges related to shoulders like Glenohumeral arthritis accompanied by pain and stiffness, always use this type of mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress 

When you use a memory foam mattress, you will have an uninterrupted sleep caused by different movements you or your sleep mate creates. This is because the memory foam absorbs the movement and therefore does not cause a ripple effect. This bed type is especially beneficial to bed sharers and elders who have trouble getting enough sleep or experiencing intermittent sleep. 

Also, this mattress is suitable for people suffering from any sickness because they need to have that much-needed sleep to restore their health.

Hybrid Mattress 

A hybrid mattress is also known as a multi-layered mattress. It is made of a combination of spring and a layer of foam. This feature provides comfort and a fantastic bounce. The comfort that you will get from the bed is a significant factor that impacts your sleep quality. It is a fact that getting enough and quality sleep has lots of health benefits, and this includes immune system boost, strengthens heart condition, better mood, and increased productivity.

A hybrid mattress also provides steady airflow that provides cooling in your body when asleep. So if you are experiencing intense sweating when asleep, better use a hybrid mattress for comfort and sound sleep.


Different types of mattresses have different features with varied health benefits that you can enjoy. You have to know what you need and identify the right bed for you. But with all the benefits that you can get, it is also crucial that you also know other bed features. Knowing them will help you identify if a particular bed works for your health or not.